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The Best-Rated 18650 Lamps (Top Product Reviews -Buying Guide) 2021 List

by Bart Aghimien
Top ten best 18650 lamps

Hаvе you еvеr ѕееn соntrасtоrѕ оr rооfеrѕ dо rооfing wоrk аnd wоndеrеd whаt kind of fооtwеаr thеу wеаr tо accomplish thоѕе tаѕkѕ? Of соurѕе, mаnу will say thаt trаditiоnаl ѕhоеѕ or nоrmаl boots аrе nоt еnоugh. 

Ovеrаll, rооfing fооtwеаr must еnѕurе safety аnd have ѕоmе vital funсtiоnѕ ѕuсh аѕ еxсеllеnt trасtiоn аnd a dedicated trеаd dеѕign tо еffесtivеlу ѕuрроrt test or wаrеhоuѕе wоrk. And, if уоu рlаn tо dо rооfing wоrk уоurѕеlf, a раir of rооfing ѕhоеѕ is еѕѕеntiаl fоr уоur ѕаfеtу аnd jоb реrfоrmаnсе. 

Whеn сhооѕing thе right ѕhоеѕ оr bооtѕ fоr соvеrаgе, уоu ѕhоuld keep in mind thаt thе fооtwеаr muѕt mееt thе rеԛuirеmеntѕ оf thе jоb or fit wеll оn thе roof ѕurfасеѕ. Sо if уоu haven’t fоund thе proper rооfing boots fоr уоurѕеlf оr ѕоmеоnе in nееd, tаkе a lооk аt thе liѕt оf thе tеn best-rated rооfing bооtѕ on this guide to make a conscious decision.

If you need a lamp strong enough to illuminate a two-football-field-long area, the Sofirn SP31 v2.0 is your best pick. It is the most recent model and the latest from the SP31 series. As regards the light, there are two activity switches. The tail switch activates the transient element, which moves the light around. 

Likewise, the side switch allows customers to access all five delightful levels and two unique modes known as Strobe and SOS. In addition, this lamp has a unique feature: a temperature guideline that allows it to adjust its light levels in response to the internal temperature.

Thanks to its IPX8 rating, you can use it outside during rainy seasons. The light, which also comes with a USB charger, is powered by a single Li-particle 18650 battery.


  • The lamp has an intelligence memory mode
  • It has two activity switches
  • It comes with a battery state indicator
  • It can stand on its end
  • The light is portable and convenient


  • At a specific range, a yellow halo appears in the middle of the beam.

Super Bright Lumintop FW3A Pocket Searchlight and IP68 Waterproof Lamp

The Lumintop FW3A lamp deserves the nickname “small but mighty.” It’s a small light that puts out a lot of light. The light is available in four different body colors and is designed for everyday carry.

This small 18650 lamb light is high-performance with a peak power of 2800 lumens, a peak beam brightness of 10,000 candelas, and a maximum beam distance of 200 meters.

The manufacturers included a thermal regulation system with temperature control and adjustable outputs to keep the light from becoming too hot. Low voltage protection is also built into the battery, which kicks in automatically when the voltage drops below a certain point

The Anduril User Interface on the FW3A offers a wealth of features and configurations. Muggle Mode, Momentary Modes, Smooth Ramping UI, and Stepped Ramping are among the four brightness modes available on this lamp. Lighting storm, candlelight, party strobe, bike flasher, sunset, battery check, and beacon tactical strobe are the lamp’s extra features.


  • The lamp comes along with diverse features
  • It is straightforward to use
  • It is sturdy and efficient
  • The light is highly functional and can be used for various purposes


  • As multipurpose as it is, it lacks a memory intelligence mode

Sofirn SP36 Pro Powerful 8000 Lumens Rechargeable Anduril Light

Manufacturers created this powerful 18650 lamp thanks to a gathering of lamp lovers who wanted to develop a sustainable light source. The Sofirn SP36 BLF is fueled by three 18650 batteries and can last up to 45 days in Eco mode. In addition, the lamp features a type-C rechargeable port and a charging cable, which is included in the mild purchase.

Also, an illuminated electronic switch controls the User Interface, which is pretty straightforward to use. Press and hold the button to turn it on, then tap and hold it again to scale from 0 to 600 lumens quickly. 

In the Sofirn SP36 BLF, four CREE XPL2 LEDs provide natural white light with a 5350K-5700K tint. A smooth beam with a maximum throw of 601 yards and a height depth of 50,000 candelas is created by combining LEDs with a graceful reflector.

This power 18650 lamps is made of airplane-grade aluminum alloy and has a sophisticated temperature regulator that helps prevent overheating and potential destruction. It’s also waterproof with an IPX7 rating. Almost every flashlight test that has been conducted has found the Sofirn SP36 BLF to be excellent.


  • It is firm and durable
  • It is a long-lasting lamp compared to others
  • you can easily carry it around


  • It may get hot to the touch

AceBeam X45 Lamp

The Acebeam X45II is a stunning upgrade to the original Acebeam X45. Because the light uses four XHP70.2 LEDs, each with a 50,000-hour life expectancy, clients will notice an increase in lumens with the latest model. The LEDs are combined with a smooth style reflector for an excellent light yield of 18000 lumens, with a pinnacle pillar power of 100,700 candelas and a toss of 635 meters.

 In addition, the lamp has an intelligence mode and regulator that helps to ensure the maintenance of light levels.

Lastly, The 18650 lamp light function is controlled by a side switch on the body, with six different light levels and a strobe mode. To avoid overheating, the Turbo Max and Turbo modes will only last for some time before the light intuitively descends the lumens.


  • The lamp has six extraordinary light levels and one mode
  • The lamp is rechargeable
  • Durable and highly functional in heavy rainy conditions
  • The controls feel like an extension of the hand


  • It gets hot too fast
  • The lamp does not have a USB port, and you’d need an intelligent battery charger

SLONIK Rechargeable Waterproof and Dustproof Lamp

Slonik is Known as your go-to lamp for long-distance visibility, such as when taking on outdoor activities like; hiking or skiing. The 18650 lamp provides additional light, but it also charges quickly and easily with a USB cord. You don’t have to connect it with those big cords and adapters. As a result, you’ll be able to transfer it easily if you’re going on a backpacking trip.

Another advantage of this 18650 headlamp is that it does not require disassembly; plug it in and charge it. In low mode, the headlamp can last for up to 8 hours, while in high mode, it can last for up to 3.5 hours. Likewise, the light mode is adjustable to the amount of time you will use it.

In addition, for harsh situations, the 18650 lamps are made of aero-grade aluminum alloy 6063. It is also dustproof and waterproof to IPX8, making it suitable for both personal and industrial use. This tool is ideal for carrying about everywhere, at any time, whether camping, running, HVAC, construction, or garage repair.

Lastly, a nylon headband is also included, adjusted for a comfortable and secure fit. Another feature I enjoy about this light is its flexibility, which allows me to swivel it up and down to 90 degrees for an optimal angle and switch between different settings.


  • The 18650 lamp has a long-distance beam reach
  • The light works well under wet and dusty conditions
  • For portability, a USB cable is used to charge the device
  • Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry and wear for long periods.
  • The light is portable and will fit perfectly into bags and pockets.


  • It is best to get a substitute plug because the one included in the package is not reliable

Fenix UC30 New Edition

Fenix is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of 18650 lamps, and it showed its superiority in this new product. You can power the Fenix UC30 with two 18650 batteries or two CR123A batteries. 

Also, it has a beam length of 828 feet and can deliver up to 1,000 lumens at its highest brightness. With the included micro USB cable, you can recharge the flashlight via the installed USB port. The whole lamp package comes with a lanyard and holster, and even a spare o-ring, rubber switch boot, battery organizer, and an adapter, in addition to the charging cable.

Additionally, this 18650 lamp has an ultra-slim design that makes it feel like a part of your hand and easy to hold in your hand. The flashlight is controlled by a single switch located near the light’s head. There are also five brightness levels and a strobe function available here.


  • The lamp comes with a side switch to avoid accidental activation.
  • Long beam reach
  • The light comes along with spare parts


  • The lamp overheats quickly.

ThruNite TC15 USB Rechargeable Indoor and Outdoor Lamp

High, medium, low, turbo, strobe, and firefly are the six lighting modes available on the ThruNite TC15. It can produce up to 1,050 lumens in high mode, but it can emit a staggering 2,300 lumens in turbo mode.

I like that the firefly mode is an ideal choice for students who need to read at night. The beam has an incredible distance reach of 807 feet when in turbo mode, allowing you to see everything in your path. Only one switch needs to be operated to turn the flashlight on and off and change the settings.

For a great grip, the lamp has an excellent body design that prevents the lamp from slipping when held, even with gloves. The flashlight comes with a micro USB cable that you can use to charge it when needed. In addition, it has a light indicator that will flash red when it’s time to charge.


  • The lamp has a high lumen output
  • Easy to hold thanks to the non-slip design
  • The beam reach is amazingly long
  • The lamp comes along with six enjoyable modes


  • It has only one switch button, which can be difficult to operate

Streamlight 88063 with Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries and Holster

The Streamlight 88063 ProTac 2L-X Flashlight is powered by a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery that can last up to 3.25 hours and delivers up to 500 lumens in the highest setting.

The tactical tail switch is used to control the light. It has a momentary switch that you can power up by partially pressing it; the light goes off immediately you take off your hand.

It also comes with two extra excellent modes you can choose: low (with a lumen output of 40) and strobe (with a lumen output of 100). The strobe mode is the best for emergencies because it can last for four hours.

The 18650 lamp is dust and waterproof for up to 6.5 feet and crafted with anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The sturdy design makes it possible for the flash to resist impacts, which is an essential characteristic of a tactical torch. If necessary, you can use the two CR123A batteries that come with the kit; however, this will significantly reduce the runtime.


  • The lamp is seamless to recharge when the power runs out
  • The lamp is sturdy and portable
  • The beam reach is long


  • It is stressful switching through three brightness levels to activate another

Streamlight ProTac HL5-X Dual-Fuel Lamp

The anodized aluminum lamp is impact-resistant and water-resistant. In addition, a flat surface has an anti-roll head that prevents the light from rolling and falling off like standard lamps.

A tire sleeve is also attached to the body, which provides a secure grip and thermal comfort.

Again, two 18650 USB batteries power it with an integrated USB charging port. It can also be powered by four CR123A batteries if necessary.

I find it convenient that the light is controlled by a three-mode switch with two or three light levels in each mode. It has a flood-like beam distance of 1,482 feet and produces up to 3,500 lumens in high mode.

Likewise, the strobe mode function is fantastic, with an evident tone and a duration of 1.25 hours, making it perfect for befuddlement or fatigue. When in the low mode, it generates an output of 250 lumens that 11.5 hours.


  • The lamp comes with tire sleeves to provide a firm but convenient hold
  • It has a sturdy and attractive design
  • The lamp has three unique modes for the choice of the user
  • The emission of lumens is exceptionally high
  • The beam reach is long


  • Removing the batteries to charge can be very stressful and time-consuming

UltraFire 18650 Lamp with Rechargeable Battery and Charger

If you are searching for the best single-mode 18650 lamps, go for the Ultrafire WF-501B. With a lumens yield of 500, the UltraFire WF-501B is an exceptionally bright pocket-sized electric lamp. A single 18650 UltraFire High-Performance battery controls it. It’s also equipped with an XPE G3 LED bulb, which has a 100,000-hour lifespan.

Again, this 18650 lamp is supplied with four batteries and a charger. These batteries have a low rate of discharge and can last between five and six hours. Furthermore, because the batteries have no memory effect, you won’t have to worry about overcharging the battery.

There is only one mode on this electric 18650 lamp controlled by a tail cap switch. It’s made of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with an anti-grating coating to keep the light safe from the elements.


  • The lamp’s size is just perfect for portability, fitting in pockets and small bags
  • You have three extra batteries at your disposal because the lamp uses only one battery to power up
  • Overcharging has no memory effect on the lamp’s batteries
  • The lamp is very sturdy and rugged, made from aircraft-grade aluminum


  • It has only one mode
  • It takes a lot of time to charge

What is a 18650 lamp?

18650 lamps got their name from their unique batteries. The batteries are called 18650 because of their size; they have a diameter of 18 mm, a length of 16 mm, and the 0 comes from the cylindrical shape they have.

Similarly, 18650 lamps are famous for their rechargeable li-ion batteries, which are environment-friendly, have high functions, high discharge, high capacity, and durability.

Why should you use 18650 lamps?

Although there are lots of unique high-functioning lamps out there, what makes the 18650 lamps stand out? One of the most notable features is the quality of the battery. Compared to others that are primarily primary for single-use, the 18650 lamp uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. What this means is that you can charge your lamp anywhere if you have the essential components.

Another reason why 18650 lamps are preferable to others is the high amount of voltage it carries, which makes one 18650 battery stronger than or equal to 4 AA batteries. Buying a 18650 lamp of high capacity means you’re buying a lamp that is four times potentially equal to original AA batteries. Here’s an illustration; when a 18650 puts out 3.7 volts, it gives out three times the number of watts-hours for the same capacity.

Even more, suppose you need another reason to buy the 18650 lamps, buy it for its size and capacity ratio. The 18650 batteries are easy to interchange because they are as long as two CR123A batteries. In addition, they possess a high discharge and capacity ratio that gives them an edge over batteries of the same size.

Time goes faster when you’re around family and friends. As a result, when it gets dark outside, you won’t notice. However, if you use a 18650 battery headlamp, you won’t have to worry about cooking outside. The device will provide illumination for you to see whatever it is you’re cooking and ensure you are cooking correctly.

A 18650 lamp would be helpful if you’re someone who loves to read right before bed. With this at your disposal, you won’t have to bother anyone else in the room. You may quickly turn on the light while silently reading your book. Please switch off the lamp and place it on the nightstand when you are finished.

Buying guide for the best 18650 lamp

If you have carefully read to this point, you deserve this section. In this part of the guide, we will be mentioning essentials to watch out for when searching for the best 18650 lamps and their importance.

Features and functions
Lamps vary as per features and functions. For example, a biker would prefer a lamp with a clip to easily attach their lamp to their bike or pocket. In comparison, a night worker will prefer a lamp that can be convertible into a headlight.

Some have brightness modes for your choice, so whatever light intensity you need for whatever situation, you can easily switch between the low, medium, and high modes to suit yourself.

However, you may find a 18650 lamp that will function fine for various purposes and situations but lacks an extra feature. Know that you can buy some accessories separately if they don’t come with the main package.

Battery type and charging accessories
Popular brands prefer to use ICR batteries, popularly known as safe 18650 batteries. These batteries are the safest because they cannot be over-discharged or overcharged, thanks to a protection circuit that helps regulate the charge.

These batteries with protection circuits are called button tops because of the extra length they add to the battery. Batteries without protection circuits are called flat tops and put out higher energy that makes the light brighter. 

However, these batteries are prone to overcharging, complete drainage, and permanent destruction because of the lack of a voltmeter or protection circuit that helps regulate the charge.

Another important component to look out for alongside the battery type is the charging accessory. Unless you buy parts of your 18650 lamp separately, you should always ensure the full package has all the essential accessories, including a charging cable.

Some 18650 lamps come with special charging features like input and output USB ports that allow you to charge and extend the lamp’s purpose as a power bank. Hence, you may want to look out for this feature if you often find yourself in urgent situations where you need to power up your devices. It would be best if you also consider the work and charging duration. Averagely, these lamps have a runtime of 6 hours but could last more depending on what mode you are using.

 For example, using the low mode means your battery would last longer than using the medium or high mode. These batteries charge for an average duration of 2 hours. If your lamp takes more than 3 hours to your batteries or cable may be faulty.

Considering the toughness of the 18650 lamps is as crucial as buying the lamp because it partially determines its longevity. No matter how meticulous you are, you will mistakenly drop it one day, and a lamp produced with harmful materials would prove its inferiority.

Aluminum alloy is a material that common brands use to produce thick and handy appliances or devices. Fortunately, it is a common production material. Thanks to its popularity, you can easily find 18650 lamps made of aluminum alloy.

The 18650 lamps made with a combination of aluminum alloy, ABC, and PC are costlier options that would give you value for your money because their combination doesn’t form a sturdy lamp but a light one.

If you work in a highly climatic region, you should work with a water-resistant lamp. Lamps like IPX4, IPX5, and IPX6 are specially designed against water sprays from any angle. They are built to prevent the internal wirings from wearing due to spray pressure.

Some lamps permit you to stand under heavy rainfall thanks to the leakage-resistant wiring ensured by the manufacturers.

This component is crucial for 18650 lamps convertible to headlights or for buyers who need lamps that can equally serve as headlights. You may want to buy one that has an easy rotation mechanism.

The straps are also an essential component of headlights. It would be best if you took a good look at the materials used in producing the strap, the strap length and softness, and the weight of the lamp.

Brightness and beam reach
The brightness and beam distance cannot be ignored when shopping for the best 18650 lamps. Since the purpose of a lamp is to provide artificial light, why would you buy a lamp with a maximum brightness that wouldn’t be sufficient for you?

You can use the lumen capacity to determine the brightness level. For example, standard lamps have a lumen capacity between 4000 and 6000 which is enough for domestic purposes. The cheapest lamps hold a lumen capacity between 1000 and 2000 while the costly ones can possess up to 20 000 lumen capacity.

It is also vital to inspect the beam reach because it is useless buying a very bright lamp that cannot reach your target, hence the importance of affirming the beam reach of your lamp. The beam reach helps you find out how far your lamp’s light can reach before it fades.

If you need your lamp for outdoor activities or night escapades, you should opt for a 18650 lamp with a high beam reach.

Memory Intelligence
Modern 18650 lamps are manufactured with a mode memory feature that returns the lamps to the last mode that was in use. It automatically returns to the last mode after you switch it on. By this, you don’t have to stress yourself over switching through brightness mode to return to last use.

The comfort this feature provides has made it a common and essential feature in newly manufactured 18650 lamps.

It is also crucial that you get the 18650 lamps with the control that suits you. Some lamps come with separate switches, one tail cap power switch and the other on the light to help switch through different modes.

However, the separate switch is not common to every 18650 lamp. While you have to press the switch down to turn lamps on, you have to depress them or hold them down to switch between modes which can be stressful and consume time.

The size of the 18560 lamps you are opting for must fit your needs. For example, as a hiker or tourist, you’ll need something light and durable that is probably convertible into a headlight or can easily fit slide your pockets or knapsack.

Ensure to look out for the measurement of the lamp and other features influencing the size before making a final decision.

Benefits of using 18650 lamps

18650 lamps have gained more popularity over lamps with AAA batteries since the 18650 batteries have more energy than their counterpart. In addition, the high voltage they work with makes them a highly functional and efficient light source.

Owning a 18650 lamp will help promote your work productivity because they do not only help brighten dark areas at night, but they have different levels of brightness and modes to help support your needs.

Another reason is that they are the most durable types of lamps you’d find in the market. They are mostly made of aluminum alloy and sometimes with a combination of ABS material. They can therefore endure harsh weather conditions, heavy rainfall, intense heat and function properly.

18650 lamps also have rechargeable batteries. Although they may be initially costly, they are cheaper in the long run because they save you the worry of getting new batteries very often. You can recharge their batteries about 1,000 times without any effect on their capacity.

Another exciting benefit of these lamps is their low self-discharge rate. Regardless of battery capacity, all batteries, including rechargeable batteries, will eventually die; the difference is the rate at which they die. 18650 batteries have a low self-discharge rate of around 2% to 3% annually when not in use.

Among the most significant benefits of 18650 batteries is their accessibility. Unlike their CR123A counterparts, they’re easily obtainable and moderately priced. Again, you should, however, note that 18650 batteries are commonly costlier compared to other batteries.

What to avoid on a 18650 Lamp

Since 18650 batteries can release unsafe metals, it’s crucial to discard them after serving their purpose appropriately. Also, it is advisable not to ever use a Li-ion battery in an alkaline powered electronic device since the disposable AA batteries have a much lower voltage than Li-ion batteries, which can harm your appliance.

Depending on the type of lamp, CR123A batteries can sometimes serve as a temporary substitute to 18650 batteries when you don’t have them on hand.

However, before using a distinct type of battery than the one recommended, ensure to consult the manual or the manufacturer because using the wrong type could damage the flashlight’s circuitry.

Care and maintenance

How to clean a 18650 lamp
With water and soap, preferably liquid, you can clean your 18650 lamps without having to worry about any potential damage because it is resistant to water. Remove dirt from the lamp’s glass and body with a clean and soft cloth daily. Allowing dust to blur the light can reduce its effectiveness gradually.


What are the best 18650 lamp brands to buy?

There are several brands to choose from when it comes to 18650 headlamps. As a result, picking one can be challenging. Other popular brands include Ultrafire, Streamlight, Thrunite, Fenix, Acebeam lamp, and others.

However, you should still take the time to go through the specifications, features, pros, and cons, and prices of these models of brands to be sure of the best 18650 lamps for your needs.

What Is The Best Way To Operate An 18650 Lamp?

Using a 18650 lamp is one of the simplest things to do. Read the following process to know how to operate a 19650 lamp;

  • Procedure 1: Remove the device and remove all of the included accessories.
  • Procedure 2: If the battery is low, verify it and put the lamp on charge. Additional battery indications are available on some models. You can also look into it.
  • Procedure 3: If it is convertible into a headlight after the lamps have been charged, place them on your head according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To ensure that the lamp fits precisely, you must adjust the straps to your head.
  • Procedure 4: Turn on the light and turn it on. You can also customize the model to suit your needs.

Where can I get one?

eBay, Bestbuy, Amazon, and other big eCommerce companies have virtually all of the best 18650 lamps. Because you have all of the possibilities in front of you, the evaluation process will be more efficient and more manageable. 

You can also locate them on their websites or any other sports or hardware-related website. To get them offline, you’ll have to go to a local sports store or hardware store. These businesses, on the other hand, may not have a diverse choice of brands.

What is the best way to get it?

Reverse engineering is the best approach to get the best 18650 lamps. It would be best if you first determined why the lamp is required. It would help if you chose the attributes of the headlamp based on your needs. Ultimately, you can research brands that provide those features. Then look at product reviews on popular e-commerce sites like; Reddit, Amazon, and others. After you’ve completed this technique, you can select the most fashionable item.


How can you be sure that you are getting the best 18650 lamps in a market with dozens of top products? These lamps do not all have the same function; hence it is essential to consider your needs when searching for the proper lamp.

When searching for the best 18650 lamp, durability and functions are essentials you should not overlook, as mentioned in the guide. What’s the point of getting a lamp that serves the needed purpose? Also, even if you are the most careful person on the planet, your lamp will fall one day, hence the importance of durability. Regardless of your choice, we hope this guide helped you select the perfect 18650 lamps that you deserve.

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