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The Best-Rated 18650 Lights (Top Product Reviews & Buying Guide) 2021 List

by Bart Aghimien
Best-Rated 18650 Lights

18650 lights are some of the most popular types available right now. They differ from conventional light and amp options primarily due to their strong batteries and high brightness ratings, so they’re definitely in high demand.

Below, we’ve ranked the best of these lights, so you know how best to make a decision when you need to buy one.

Sofirin is a highly popular brand when it comes to designing illumination gear. So, it’s no surprise that the company ranks at the top spot for our 18650 lights. Here, you have a powerful product that delivers a high power output of 1,200 lumens. That should be more than enough to keep you going, regardless of where you are. 

Combined with its high power generation, the Sofirin Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight offers five different lighting modes. They range from “low” to “turbo,” and they will be able to take you through just about any setting. 

The 18650 light comes with a rechargeable battery, as well as an additional USB charging slot. So, if you’ll be traveling, rest assured that the light is here for you. Even better, the product comes in at just 3.9 ounces in weight. So, it is pretty comfortable for you. 


  • A secure band fit ensures stability on your head 
  • A high lumen rating guarantees optimal brightness
  • Very lightweight build optimizes comfort


  • The band is a bit flimsy, so the light might not fit too well 

SLONIK Rechargeable CREE LED Headlamp

Coming in at a close second is the SLONIK Rechargeable CREE LED Headlamp – a rechargeable 18650 light that offers a broad range of vision and simple functionality tools that never go wrong. 

With the SLONIK Rechargeable CREE LED Headlamp, the first thing you notice is its broad vision range. The product allows you to see up to 600 feet in front of you, ensuring that you never have any problems with visibility. This is only possible with its 1,000-lumen battery, which is definitely more than impressive. 

Besides its impressive visibility, this 18650 light also offers a simple charging operation. It comes with a USB slot, so you can plug in any cable and rest assured of a smooth charge. For the person who loves to hike or engage in outdoor activities, this light is just what you need. 

 The light offers an impressive operational life. It gives you up to 8 hours of operation in the low mode, while it works for about 3.5 hours in the high brightness mode.

You’ll also note that the light is waterproof and dustproof. So, whether you’re using it personally or for industrial purposes, it’s game.


  • A waterproof and dustproof body ensures operational longevity 
  • A broad vision range makes visibility even easier
  • The light has a high brightness rating of 1,000 lumens 


  • The headlamp isn’t too comfortable for some users, per complaints


Moving on, we have the GOFORWILD LED Headlamp – a reliable and solid headlamp that incorporates a 18650 battery for high-quality performance. 

With this light, you get several impressive features. It offers three lights (green, red, and white) to be used for different activities. The red lights will especially help with hunting, as well as emergency situations when you’re calling for help. As expected, this light’s versatility is noteworthy indeed. 

You’ll also love the light’s double-output system and flexible controls. The light comes with a spotlight and floodlight feature, and you get to control them both for optimal use. With a battery life of 8 hours, this is one of the most reliable lights you could have. Besides USB charging, the light is also compatible with power banks. So, you should have no problems charging it while outdoors. 


  • 8 lighting modes ensure versatility 
  • 2 lighting types offer optimal flexibility in application 
  • Spotlight and floodlights are also available for emergency situations 


  • The headlamp isn’t too easy to assemble and disassemble

Fastras 21 LED Headlamp

A rechargeable headlamp, the Fastras 21 LED Headlamp was built with comfort and flexibility in mind. It can be used both indoors and outside, offering impressive illumination to you regardless. 

This product offers 13,000 lumens – one of the brightest available on the market. It offers 21 LED bulbs, all working in unison to ensure the right amount of illumination at all times. 

With nine lighting modes, you can conveniently choose which you’d prefer with this product.

Interestingly, the light can also be rotated based on your convenience. It offers 90-degree compatibility, so it is ideal for different scenarios. 

Boosting its functionality is a waterproof body made of cotton and aluminum. Its batteries are also strong, with a 1,500 mAh rating. They’re strong and can function for long, making them perfect for any situation. 


  • The headlamp comes with a safety light for emergencies 
  • You get nine different modes, making the headlamp highly versatile
  • A waterproof body ensures proper longevity 


  • The headlamp drains its battery fast, especially on high-brightness modes

WUBEN LED Rechargeable Flashlight

While 18650 lights are known for their hands-free operation, some of them actually look like regular flashlights as well. When it comes to these lights, the WUBEN LED Rechargeable Flashlight stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

With a 1,200-lumen rating and up to 656 feet in beam distance, this light is more than capable of helping to light your way. This is despite being highly portable and weighing just 4.8 ounces. 

The light offers 5 different modes, as well as a mode memory function that remembers the last mode turned on and stays at that point. 

The presence of a USB slot makes this light highly versatile. Even better, it lasts for up to 143 hours on the lowest mode. Sadly, it only lasts about 1.5 hours on the highest mode. So, you want to be a bit careful when you use it. Regardless, this is an impressive product to have for sure. 


  • You get an impressive beam distance of 656 feet
  • The mode memory function makes the headlamp even easier to operate 
  • A waterproof body improves its efficiency and safety 


  • The flashlight offers a low battery life on the brightest mode

PHIXTON Rechargeable Flashlight

The PHIXTON Rechargeable Flashlight, like the option above it, is also just a flashlight. However, performance is where this product shines – and it shines brightly. Its 3,000-lumen capacity is more than enough to keep you comfortable as you move.

One of the primary benefits of this product is that it offers both rechargeable and manual batteries. So, regardless of where you are, you can get it up and running however you like. The flashlight is made of an aluminum alloy, which is waterproof and shockproof. So, it can work in any condition with you. 

With spotlight and floodlight capabilities, this flashlight offers everything you need at any specific time. It has five modes, including strobe and SOS for emergencies. The battery itself goes 6 to 8 hours on a single charge. 


  • The battery life of 6 to 8 hours is quite impressive
  • A shockproof and waterproof body optimizes durability 
  • You also get a rechargeable function and space for a AAA battery 


  • The flashlight is quite heavy, so it’s not too convenient 

ThruNite Store Headlamp

The ThruNite Store Headlamp is another awesome 18650 light to have with you regardless of where you are. It’s durable and strong, with an aluminum body and a waterproof build that should help it serve you even better.

With a maximum of 3,350 lumens, this product is definitely a bright one. It gives you five different modes, including SOS and turbo modes for emergency situations. 

The headlamp also comes with an impressive pocket clip that allows you to switch it from being a headband to a handheld option. With a USB slot, charging is as seamless as you need it to be.


  • The headlamp comes with an O-ring for waterproof functionalities  
  • The headlamp is also highly affordable 
  • An SOS mode is available for emergencies 


  • The headlamp’s battery life of 2 hours isn’t so great


It’s not the brightest bulb in the room, but the OLIGHT H2R LED Headlamp offers many features that will definitely make you happy.

The OLIGHT H2R LED Headlamp

Can generate up to 2,300 lumens, which isn’t so bad. Interestingly, it helps to automatically adjust light modes based on the battery performance; this preserves its performance significantly while also reducing the chances of overheating. As you would expect, there’s an SOS mode available if you ever get caught in a sticky situation. 

The LED light available in this product can run for up to 50,000 hours. The flashlight itself is water-resistant, with an O-ring that protects its internal components. It is also user-friendly, with a single switch that helps you control its operation. 


  • A pocket clip makes this headlamp very flexible 
  • The headlamp is very user-friendly, so you can get a hang of it
  • The LED operating life of 50,000 hours is very long 


  • The lights are just 2,300 lumens – not the brightest available 

Cobiz LED Headlamp

The Cobiz LED Headlamp is an impressive 18650 light that offers 6,000 lumens of light intensity with three operating modes. On its own, that is highly effective. But, that’s not all. Its beam distance is a respectable 200 feet, with the headlamp offering up to 160 degrees of beam coverage in a short distance. That should be enough to see in front of you – and then some!

With a 3,2000 mAh battery, this product offers impressive results for performance. It is charged using USB capabilities, and it can give up to an impressive 8 hours on a single charge. 

While the light is water-resistant, it’s just rated at IP4X. So, it only fights against light splashes. But, it makes up for this with leakage-resistant waterproof wiring. So, you should be able to use it in the rain. 


  • A broad-angle view of 200 feet  
  • The battery lasts for up to 8 hours on a single charge 
  • A lightweight build makes the headlamp very convenient to wear 


  • The IP4X waterproof rating is pretty low 

WOWTAC A2S V2 LED Headlamp

Last, but definitely not the least, is the WOWTAC A2S V2 LED Headlamp. Powered by a CREE XP-L V6 LED light, this 18650 light helps to bring all beams into focus to improve your vision. It offers five operating modes, although its lumen rating of 1,050 is pretty low. But, at least you get an SOS mode for emergencies as well. 

Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, this headlamp is highly durable. It is shockproof and waterproof as expected, so it can work with you through the muck and come out unscathed. The light weighs about 3.8 ounces, which is pretty light .

The headband is also elastic, although some costumes have complained about the headband’s durability. 

This light offers up to 5 hours of use on the brightest mode and up to four days on the dimmest. That’s pretty impressive for sure. 


  • You can use the headlamp for up to 4 days on its low-brightness mode
  • A lightweight build improves operational convenience 
  • A small focused light pattern improves visibility as well. 


  • The flimsy band calls the headlamp’s durability into question 

What Are 18650 Lights?

18650 lights are a specific type of flashlight. Most people tend to put them on their heads, allowing them to enjoy optimal flexibility with use and application. But, there are handheld versions too. 

18650 lights are famous for their strong batteries. On an 18650 light, you get a Lithium-ion battery that is light and highly effective. These batteries produce light in the high-lumen category. So, they are ideal for different scenarios – rescue missions, trips, etc. The batteries themselves tend to be rechargeable, so you don’t need to worry about getting new batteries or their impact on the broader environment.   

Many believe 18650 lights to be the most common and beneficial type of headlamps in the world currently. They are durable and reliable, and you can trust that the best 18650 lights will deliver regardless of the situation. These lights offer a proper mixture of lightweight build and efficiency, ensuring that you have no problems with illumination at any point.  

Understanding How 18650 Lights Work

Functionally, there is not much of a difference between the regular 18650 lights and any other headlamp variant available. They are attached to headgear, so you wear them over your head and turn them on. 

The difference, as explained before, is in the power input and lumen rating. 18650 lights are perhaps the brightest of the bunch, so you get more light intensity and output from them than any other type of headlight. 

Besides the impressive light rating, some 18650 lamps also come with additional features. These include the ability to change the light output, etc. 

To effectively work, 18650 lamps use something called 18650 batteries. These are Lithium-ion batteries that help them to offer much more light intensity than the average headlamps. As expected, these batteries are how the 18650 lamps got their name. 

The 18650 batteries are renowned for their lightweight build and power output. They are also rechargeable, allowing the users to enjoy optimal flexibility as they work. All you need to do is bring your charger with you and ensure that your lamps are properly plugged in, and you should be able to get optimal service from them for as long as you want. 

These days, several manufacturers of 18650 lamps even offer advanced charging features like car chargers, wireless charging, and more. On a single charge, an average 1860 battery should be able to go up to a single day without stress. They’re that good.

The Top Features of 18650 Lights

18650 lamps are highly similar. But, like everything else, these lights come in different types and configurations. Based on some fundamental features, the broad categories of 18650 lamps include:

The Light Modes

The light modes are a specific factor that draws a distinct line between several types of 18650 lamps. Some of these lamps allow you to switch between different light modes, so you get as much versatility as you need. In some 18650n lamps, you could even be able to switch modes up to four or five times. 

At the same time, some lamps only give a single illumination level. These lamps are best for specific functionalities, although the versatile lamps tend to be great for that flexibility you need. 

Battery Life 

While 18650 lights are known for their battery efficiency and durability, they also come in different levels. 

Generally, customers want to have lights that can last as long as possible. But, the battery life is also affected by several things – including, but not limited to, the available operating modes. If your 18650 light comes with different illumination levels, then you should know that the higher levels will demand more from your battery than the lower ones. 

Water Resistance 

It is worth noting that not every 18650 light you see is water-resistant. The ideal options are versatile and can be used in different scenarios, but water resistance doesn’t come on every product. You want to check the desired product to know if it is right for you.  

Focus Types

Some 18650 lights come with focusing lights. This means that they can harness their brightness and focus on a specific area to improve your sight and visibility. At the same time, some lights prefer to scatter the light in order to help you view a much broader space. 

The focus component tends to be a major focus for many buyers. 

Design Style

The design style is another common differentiator for many 18650 lights. Some of these lights come with straps that you wear over your head, while others are just strapped around their crowns. 

The most important thing for this factor is comfort. You want something that you can wear and feel very comfortable wearing pr long.

Why Do You Need an 18650 Light?

It’s understandable that you might be wondering why 18650 lamps are necessary. Why not just get a regular headlamp and be done with it? Well, here are some reasons you might want to consider: 

Flexibility for Outdoor Activities

We all love to be adventurous and check out the beauty of nature from time to time. If you’re such an adventure bug, then you’ll need 18650 lights to help improve your comfort. 

From camping and hiking to nature walks and cave exploring, 18650 lamps are an awesome partner for you. It’s easy to wear them on your head, and their lightweight build ensures that you barely feel a thing as you enjoy your outdoor activities. 

Thanks to their high-quality brightness, 18650 lamps allow you to see your way easily. You know where to step, the dangers to avoid on your way, and even more. Assistance from these lights will come in handy when you’re checking out your maps, and you will be able to gain proper visibility as you walk at all times.   

They’re Also Great for Use in the House 

If you’d like to take a walk in the night at home or you need to do some repairs, 18650 lights are another impressive companion to have. 

Walking in the dark definitely comes with its own problems. However, with an 18650 light, your visibility needs are more than taken care of. Their design ensures that you don’t need to carry an actual flashlight, so you can still have your hands free as you move around and go about your activities. 

Just strap the light on your head, and you’re pretty much ready to go. You don’t have any worries about compatibility or vision, as the lights will guide you on your way.

Buying Guide for 18650 Lights

It’s understandable that you don’t know the factors to consider when shopping for 18650 lights. After all, there are just so many available options, and choosing one can be a pain in the neck. 

Thankfully, we’ve included some of the most important things to keep in mind as you shop for your 18650 lights. These factors will help keep you in line and ensure that you make the right choice with your selection. 

Light output

Generally, most 18650 lights come with at least 1,000 lumens in power output. These lamps are brighter than the regular headlamps, as you can see. Depending on what you’re looking to use the lamps for, you might not necessarily get as much functionality with anything less than 500 lumens. 

If you’d like to go even further, you should get 18650 lights that allow you to adjust your visibility. These are the lights that come in different lighting modes, as explained earlier. This versatility allows you to change your lighting features based on your activity, and it can do wonders for your battery life especially. 

Band Fit 

You want to make sure that the light’s headband works for you. Keep comfort and longevity in mind. The ideal headband for 18650 lights will fit perfectly without making your head feel uncomfortable or pinching it. So, keep the material in mind as you make your purchase. If you’re allergic to certain materials, this is another thing to consider. 

You also want to consider the material’s strength and durability. This ensures that you will be able to wear the light for long without feeling uncomfortable or scared that the band will get damaged. 

Charging Duration 

We already pointed out that 18650 lights come with longer battery lives than the regular headlamps. However, what you might not know is that the battery life often gets tied to the charging duration. 

Getting an 18650 light that needs to charge for five hours only to deliver 6 hours of light isn’t quite the best. You want something that can serve for as long as possible, especially on the smallest charge.   

Charging Options

The charging options will also play a part in your selection. The ideal18650 light will come with highly user-friendly charging options. You want to ensure that the lights are rechargeable, regardless of where you go or what you do. Versatility is incredibly vital.

Strength and Durability 

Like all headlamps, you will rely on your 18650 lights in some very dicey situations. People use them for some hard-core activities, especially outdoors. So, the ideal light for you will be able to withstand some of the tough environments you plan on introducing it to. 

The lamps should be strong and durable, with high-quality builds and protections for important internal components. 

As explained earlier, some manufacturers even add water resistance to their designs to ensure that your lights are as strong and durable as possible. As a rule of thumb, go for the lights that are most durable and reliable. 


A lightweight build is more than important when you consider 18650 lights. You want to make sure that the light doesn’t weigh too much, so you will have no problems with having it on for hours. If you’re looking for long-term use, this is also important. 

Coupled with the band fit, a lightweight build ensures that you get optimal comfort. So, don’t take it for granted at all. 

Your Budget

As always, your available budget matters. You want to get the best with what you have, and you should consider the price for each product you see. 

We generally don’t recommend splurging too much on 18650 lights. However, you should also keep in mind that value costs money. So, look out to get value for your money – but don’t cheap out as well. Consider the features you’ll really need and go with those. Anything else can be more of an add-on. 

Care and Maintenance for 18650 Lights

When you do eventually get your 18650 lights, you want to make sure that you can care and cater for them. Below, we’ll be sharing some tips for you to effectively take care of these babies: 

Be careful with recharging

As a general rule of thumb, you’re told to drain the light’s battery entirely. Then, charge it when it gets low. 

For 18650 lights, however, this isn’t necessarily true. We recommend that you never let the battery get drained entirely. At the point when you decide to recharge, you want to leave some battery units in. This will help to ensure that your lights remain functional and never completely run out of juice. 

When charging, take care to only use the charger that came with the product. Anything else might end up sucking battery units and even damaging the battery compartment. 

Storage options

When storing the 18650 light, make sure that it doesn’t end up discharging some of the power that it has adhered to over time. 

We also recommend putting the light in a cool and dark place. As much as you can, avoid direct contact with heat resources – including and especially direct sunlight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 18650 lights? 

18650 lights are just like regular lights and lamps. But, they differ because of their strong 18650 batteries. 

Are 18650 lights great for firefighters? 

18650 lights can be ideal for firefighters. However, you will need to consider the light’s durability features to ensure that it is a great fit for you going forward.

What brands make the best 18650 lights? 

Several brands have set themselves apart for designing 18650 lights. But, names like Sofirin, WOWTAC, and OLight are most popular. 

Can 18650 lights be damaged?

Yes, they can. Several factors can contribute to damage, from environmental factors to poor maintenance and storage. So, 18650 lights aren’t invulnerable. 

What is an acceptable brightness rating for 18650 lights? 

We generally recommend that you don’t go for anything below 3,000 lumens. 


18650 lights are famous for their strong batteries and high brightness ratings. These lights offer an incredible amount of efficiency and reliability, especially for people who love to go for outdoor activities and more. 

Choosing the right 18650 light will be an important consideration for you. Thankfully, we’ve gone over the best options available on the market for you. Any of the products listed will cater to a broad range of needs and ensure that you have no problems whatsoever with the operation. 

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