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The Best-Rated Emergency Preparedness Kit (Top Reviews & Buying Guide) 2021 List

by Bart Aghimien

An emergency is something we do not plan. Therefore, how can we survive or make the best out of the situation? It is pretty simple. You make plans for emergencies so you will not be caught unawares.

Preparedness is critical in improving your chances during an emergency. It is essential to have things that may be useful when you find yourself in an unpleasant situation. Suppose you have an accident in your home and you have a large cut. Unfortunately, the ambulance is not available immediately. Do you continue to bleed out, or do you help yourself? However, you cannot help yourself if you do not have the suitable materials and equipment needed.

Emergency planning involves identifying materials that may be handy in tricky situations. Poor planning before an emergency may have adverse effects on the health and life of the people involved.

An emergency may be natural or artificial. Natural emergencies may be a flood, drought, earthquakes, etc. Artificial or man-made situations like fire outbreaks, oil spills, or violence may pose emergencies. There are recommendations on the components of an emergency kit.

Preparing for an emergency can be in the form of gradually stocking up essential items. Communication is quite essential in preparing for an emergency. Let your workers at the workplace and family know where to find essential emergency supplies.

Another aspect that people overlook is building their knowledge. It helps if you attend emergency response team classes and first-aid classes.

Ready America is a premium-packed emergency kit for a two-person trip and sustains them for about three days. The ready America kit has all that is needed for protection and shelter for some days. Although, the Ready America kit does not have many tools like a flashlight, blade, and knife. Regardless, extra supplies can be added to the kit. It is essential to check the kit before embarking on the trip. 


  • A relatively affordable kit with all the essential tools needed for survival. Low-cost and fits into the budget. 
  • Kit Serves hydration and nutritional needs. Fully packed food and water are proportionately rationed to serve your health values. 
  • The kit Provides materials needed for warmth irrespective of weather and environment. 
  • The kit includes the first kid for emergency treatments. 


  • Essential items for camping and emergency survival. 
  • The emergency kit backpack is not durable. It is not suitable for critical temperate conditions.

Emergency Survival Kit

This is the best emergency survival kit- packaged with about thirty-two items, all in one pack. This kit is perfect and affordable for both males and females, including young and old. The survival kit is packaged with essential items for adventures- fishing, camping, and hunting events. The items are packed in a backpack that is durable for any weather and environment. Also, the kit has medical aids for emergency needs. 


  • It is packaged with high-quality, durable materials. 
  • It’s packaged with a fully powered flashlight, bracelet tracker, compass, whistle, and fishing equipment- it helps guarantee survival and an excellent fishing experience. 
  • The kits are carefully packaged in the backpack for easy mobility. Despite the numerous items, the bag is lightweight. 
  • With this kit, you don’t have to worry about safety, as items for safety have been included in the bag.  
  • Convenient for use by everyone- hikers, firefighters, and sportsmen. 


  • Mismanagement of items can lead to hazards. Easy to misplace items

Readywise Emergency Food Supply

Are you looking for the perfect emergency kit with highly nutritional food items? This is your best choice! The Ready Wise emergency food supply contains 104 food servings that can be preserved for over 25 years. This kit is packaged with all essential food items to satisfy breakfast, lunch, and dinner nutritional needs. Pack contains vegetables, milk, and snacks for picnic and camping.


  • The food items included in this kit are highly durable and can last for over 25 years without heating. 
  • They are packaged for convenient use. The food supplies can be easily stored and preserved till when needed. 
  • Ease of movement. Fully packaged food items it does not slow down your pace during camping, hiking, and trips. 
  • This kit can also be used to store other items for camp and emergency needs. Emergency items can fit perfectly into this pack without affecting the food items. 
  • No cooking or heat is needed. Ready for consumption once it is opened. 


  • The kit does not include water. Its neglect is a complete discouragement. 
  • Food items included can lead to allergic reactions in some individuals.  

Aokiwo 200pcs Emergency Survival Kit And First Aid Kit Professional Survival Gear

This is an essential SOS Emergency Tool with a high-quality backpack for camping and fishing adventures.

 The pack is rigid and robust enough to withstand high temperatures. The pack is lightweight, water-resistant, and can withstand adverse temperate conditions. Also, the pack contains about 126 pieces of items needed for survival. Along with its first aid kits, medical supplies, and fishing tools, AOKIWO emergency survival kit is the best for all outdoor activities. 


  • It is packaged with high-grade quality materials for survival, fishing, and first aid needs. 
  • It contains materials that help survive warm conditions. 
  • Medical aid is guaranteed. Wounds and injuries can be easily treated with these items before a professional medical diagnosis is made. 
  • The EMT bag is durable, portable, and Water-resistant. 
  • Durable MOLLE compatible straps with solid snaps allow you to attach this medical IFAK pouch to any MOLLE compatible gear or your belt, making it a perfect companion for any outdoor activities.


  • Expensive and does not fit into the budget. Included items sometimes are not needed for simple short distant trips. Perfect for only long outdoor activities. 

Napasa Survival Kit

Napa Survival kit is a recommended emergency kit that guarantees fun, survival, and first aid supplies. For all hiking, camping, and outdoor activities, this is a must-have. Napa survival tactical first aid kit has been packaged with items convenient for both males and females. Important notice to the items as some must be extremely kept from kids and easy access. No doubt, the Napasa survival kit is a portable premium package to gift someone out of generosity; more so, equipped with quality and durable first aid supplies and multi-functional tools. 


  • Specifically, the kit has about 232 tools- carefully packaged for survival and emergency aid. 
  • The kit bag is made of rugged quality sturdy materials, making it solid and durable for prolonged use. Practically, it can convey any item to any location. 
  • The items included in the kit are economically friendly, safe, and easy to use. In case of any emergency, they are readily available for any action without harm. 


  • The bag is not exclusively waterproofed, which subjects some of its contents to damage. 

Everlit Emergency Survival Kit

The perfect choice for family use and survival in adverse environments. For options on how to survive in areas prone to environmental disasters- earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes; Everlit is the best choice. This is an ideal quality package for those in the military. Items in the bag can withstand disasters better than any pack. Disasters are inevitable on some adventures; Everlit has provided this innovation to help safeguard your trip. 


  • The kit contains exclusive food items that can sustain one or two persons for over 72hours.
  • It contains upgraded equipment that guarantees protection if used properly. 
  • Camping, hunting, and hiking have been made easy with the contents of the Everlit pack. Explore new options and have fun without worries. 
  • The survival bag is made from best-grade materials, designed to withstand any environmental hazard until safe. The bag is highly resistant, coupled with comfortable straps for easy mobility. 


  • It is expensive and not readily available in stores. 

Emergency Survival Kit Outdoor Trauma Bag

It is a portable survival bag that supports extreme adventures and fun weekends. The features are perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, and first aid. The kit has excellent items suitable for a wilderness experience. No doubt, fun, and extreme experience are inevitable with this kit.

With this kit, no one has to worry about surviving harsh environments- tools for survival are packaged in it—the perfect multipurpose all-in-one emergency kit. 


  • It is an excellent package for outdoor adventures. 
  • Contains first aid supplies, which aid medical aid while away from home and medical facilities. 
  • The backpack is made of top-quality nylon material. Also, provides space to accommodate items and supplies needed for emergency and trip. 
  • Survival items do not require high expertise to use. Aim to help users survive, and that can be achieved easily. 
  • The kit is packaged with supplies that can help anyone survive cold and hot weather conditions. 
  • It contains a flashlight and extra battery supplies. This ensures safety and access to gadgets even at night. 
  • All items in the kit are durable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. 


  • The items, if accessed by kids, can cause harm.
  • An exclusively filled backpack makes it tasking to include personal items

Basic Emergency Survival Kit

An emergency kit packaged to guarantee safety and fun for two people. With this kit, you get to prepare ahead of disasters along with your partner. The emergency kit has been designed and packaged to help survive 72 horrifying hours of disasters and unfavorable environments, a go-to pack equipped with top-quality premium items for emergencies. Have fun on your trip with this kit!


  • They are economically packaged to sustain two people for about 72hours without adverse effects. 
  • It contains items that aid survival in any environment. It has survival straws-which can be used to get filtrated water. The items are practically durable and can withstand any temperate weather.  
  • Blankets, foods, and water are medically safe and of high nutritional value. 
  • Fully stocked first aid supplies to treat minor and major injuries. If appropriately utilized can aid full medical recovery without medical experts. 
  • It is packaged with a light source- flashlights and solar panels for prolonged stay and survival. 


  • The backpack is heavy; hence slows down mobility.
  • The bag is not water-resistant, which subjects the contents to damage.

Rescue Guard

This is an excellent first aid and an emergency kit when needed. The kit contains medical supplies to help treat wounds and minor injuries. Good news! Its durable and sustainable items are highly unique props, including food items and water that can last up to four persons for two weeks.

The duration of food survival depends on the rate of consumption. The bag is made from top-quality fashion materials that can support extreme heat, cold and are highly resistant to water. 


  • It is the perfect option for hiking and hunting experience. Practically, all outdoor experiences can be done with this kit. 
  • Rescue Guard guarantees your safety and protection for yourself and others. 
  • The bag contains supplies- items, food, and water that are medically approved and economically friendly. The food supplies are non-perishable and require no heat for years. 
  • It features premium rescue guard items like- bicycle sacks for sleeping, fire starters, and earthquake bags. 


  • Rescue guard is expensive.
  • Some supplies are not crucial for some trips, hence extra burden. 

World’s Toughest Emergency Blankets

This is an Excellent best-grade emergency blanket to provide warmth and support during outdoor activities. The blankets are made of the extra-thick thermal foil space blanket. More so, they are waterproof, which makes them suitable for rainy and cold weather.

Alongside the blanket package, the kit has first aid supplies. With extra thoughts for those that love to camp, need not worry about late outings and tent- the blankets got you covered!


  • It Provides safety for everyone during hunting, camping, and excursions. 
  • The blankets are accommodating and can serve as a tent. 
  • The blankets are durable, lightweight, and comfortable for prolonged use.
  • The kit provides space to keep car emergency supplies. 
  • It Contains emergency materials for survival and first aid. 


  • Although the blankets are available in different colors; however, they can attract predators outdoor. 
  • Sometimes, the blankets take extra energy to set up, especially for use by over three persons. 

What is an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Getting an emergency kit is part of the emergency preparedness process. Emergency preparedness is the steps you take before an emergency to reduce the impact of the incident. An emergency preparedness kit is a bag that contains proper supplies that you may need during an emergency. The efficiency of the planning process determines the content of the emergency kit. 

Types of emergency preparedness kit

Mini survival kit
Mini survival kits, as the name suggests, are small packages that hold basic survival materials. The mini kit is a lightweight survival aid. Hence, you can easily carry them around. The standard components of a mini survival kit include a compass, matches, candle, small knife, whistle, fire starter, torchlight, and safety pins. Some pre-packaged survival kits may come with instructions on basic survival techniques. Others may have paracord, which helps set in setting an emergency shelter. Mini survival kits are usually small, but the content can vary in quantity. Lifeboat survival kit
The use of water bodies as means of transport is no longer widespread. However, people board boats for sightseeing or relaxation. However, in the case of an emergency on water, having a survival kit can save lives. Lifeboat survival kits are usually stored in a lifeboat to ensure the passengers survive until help arrives. It contains survival instructions, water, food, first aid kit, medication for seasickness, thermal blankets, sunscreen, cups, hand flare, flashlights, whistle, repair kit, fishing kit, and smoke signals. Military kits
Military survival kit usually depends on the location of the mission in addition to the usual supplies. For an operation in desert areas, the kit has more water, food, sunscreen, sunglasses, compass, whistle, matches. Missions in tropical areas may require mosquito nets, insect repellent, anti-malaria tablets, bandages, flare, whistle, rations, and water purification tablets. The kit may have thermal blankets, sleeping bags, matches, extra socks, a camp stove, and medical equipment in arctic regions. Spacecraft kits
Spacecraft kits are survival aids for those going to space. It is impossible to give a 100% correct prediction of the journey’s outcome. In the case of equipment failure or any other incidences that may interfere with landing on return to earth, spacecraft kits are essential. It usually contains 48-hour survival supplies after landing. The constituents include first aid kits, sunscreen, blanket, water, food, rope, pocket knife, flare, survival pistol, survival radio, and light survival assembly. Vehicle kits
Having survival aids in your vehicle is essential. The vehicle can break down unexpectedly at a spot with no mobile service. You have to wait for other passersby to help you. Having a survival kit is crucial if you always go out in your car because you cannot foresee emergency incidences. Food is an essential component of the vehicle survival kit- dried fruits, salt, chocolates, cookies, water, and toilet paper. Depending on the size of your vehicle, it may include axes, saws, ropes, flashlight, flares, shovels, and a compass. Go kit
The Go kit is a type of survival kit that combines ideas from 24 hours, 72 hours, or one-week survival kits. This kit contains supplies that you can use to set up a radio communication. It also contains basic survival supplies like food, water, knives, cups, firestarter, compass, etc. Get me a home kit
A get-me-home kit is essential in situations that interfere with getting home. They can be kept in a locker at work or inside the vehicle. Suppose in a situation where you go home in your car or public transport, and the roads are closed. The implication is that you may need to walk to get home. You can personalize this kit to suit your need. It usually includes water, walking footwear, high-calorie foods, and suitable clothes. 72-hour kit
A 72-hour survival kit is an aid that increases the chances of survival for at least 72 hours. Suppose you are stranded somewhere, and help will not arrive until the second day. The 72-hour survival kit becomes very important to sustaining life. A 72-hour kit usually contains food, water, radio, a small first aid kit, and a flashlight. This kit is not bulky; it can be a backpack to strap on and be prepared. Earthquake kit
An earthquake kit may not be appreciable by everyone. However, if you live in an area prone to earthquakes, then you may need to prepare. Furthermore, if there has been a forecast of an earthquake, then you need to prepare. There are prepared earthquakes that ensure that when an earthquake hits, you will be ready. It contains food, water, blankets, torchlights, and other supplies depending on the manufacturers. The benefits of an emergency preparedness kit
One of the benefits of having an emergency kit is that it saves time. You don’t have to start running around to get the needed materials. At this stage, you may forget some necessary stuff. An emergency kit may help you and your family get out faster; the faster, the better for everyone. Emergency kits ensure you can communicate with others so you can get help. However, if you depend on your mobile phone, it may fail at the worst possible time. Most survival kits have radios that can connect you to the outside world to establish and maintain communication. The shelter is a basic human need, but there may not be any housing in emergencies. Emergency kits have foldable tents and supplies for setting up. A shelter is essential as it protects you and your family from harsh weather conditions that may adversely affect your health. In emergencies, loss of lives and properties are common. You may have no control over the loss of properties, but you can influence the chances of survival. Having a survival kit increases your chances of coming out of the situation alive. Without food and water, you may not be able too weak to move or talk. Without abrupt attention, such an individual may lose consciousness, leaving you at the mercy of wild animals and harsh weather.

Factors to consider before buying an emergency preparedness kit

One of the factors to consider before buying an emergency preparedness kit is your budget. Indeed, you cannot put a price on life. However, you can not purchase what you cannot afford. You can look for kits that are within your budget. Subsequently, you can buy other supplies to increase the quality of the emergency kit. 

The content of the kit is another factor you must consider. Do not buy a kit because a friend bought it. Ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the contents and if they will be helpful in an actual emergency.

Another important influencing factor to consider is the intended purpose. There are different emergency kits for various purposes, such as a 24-hour kit, a desert survival kit, and others. 

Care, Maintenance, and Storage Tips

It is imperative that you store your emergency kit in a cool, dry place out of reach of sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight, moisture, and heat reduces the shelf-life of the products in the kit.
A routine checkup is very crucial. At least every six months, check the content of the survival kit. The water should be replaced every six months. Replace expired products and ensure all other supplies are in optimal working condition.

Medicines, food, batteries should be specially monitored and promptly replaced. Supplies that may rust should be oiled to ensure they are in the best condition. Also, remember to replace any supply you borrow from the kit and ensure they are functional.


Preparing for an emergency is the best way to deal with emergencies. If you wait to be stuck in an impossible situation, you may not prepare well to improve your survival. For example, if you are going camping and do not take the necessary supplies like a first aid kit. If someone gets sick or gets injured, the chances of survival drastically reduce in the absence of a first aid treatment, especially when the camping site is far from civilization. 

However, in preparing survival kits, do not focus solely on the essential items or recommended supplies. Factors like preferences, health conditions, allergies should also be considered. It is also essential to get training in basic first aid techniques to save lives during an emergency. They include CPR, bandaging, cleaning, and disinfecting wounds, to mention but a few.

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