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The Best-Rated HVAC Tool Belt ( Top Product Reviews & Buying Guide) 2021 List

by Bart Aghimien
HVAC Tool Belt

If you are an HVAC technician, you surely know how necessary tools are to you. It will not be convenient for you to constantly return to your toolbox to take a tool or return one. That is why it will be beneficial to invest in an HVAC tool belt made with great care to store all your essential devices. With all your tools on your body, it will be easier and more convenient to work. You will also be efficient at your job.


However, there are many toolbelts for HVAC in the market today. If you are new to the HVAC career, it may be challenging to decide which toolbelt is the best for you. But you don’t have to worry. To make that decision easy for you, we have decided to review the features of our selected best-rated HVAC toolbelts. We believe that this review will guide you in making the right decision.

Gatorback B240 Electricians Combo Deluxe Package is made of Duratek 1250 and consists of 27 pockets. There are 18 pockets on the right side and 19 pockets on the left side. The pockets are of varying sizes. Hence you can use them to hold tools of different sizes. 

You can put many tools in each pocket, and the pockets will still maintain their shapes; this means the toolbelt is spacious enough to hold all essential tools used in the HVAC profession.

I also admire the durability and high-quality construction of this belt. The material is breathable and sweat-proof. Hence, you can wear it without worrying about sweat. With the design that provides ventilation Gatorback B240 Electricians Combo Deluxe Package is very comfortable to wear, and you can wear this belt conveniently for a long time. The belt comes with a year warranty.

For comfort, the combo HVAC toolbelt comes in different sizes. That means you can choose the size that perfectly fits you. It also means any worker can use this tool belt irrespective of body size. However, this toolbelt is big and also expensive. Hence not all workers can afford it.


  • Has enough pocket to hold all the important tools used in HVAC
  • Pockets are spacious enough to hold many tools and will not sag
  • It is made of tough and durable material
  • Material is sweat-proof
  • It promotes ventilation and breathability
  • Comfortable to wear even for a long time
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • Made of high-quality Duratek material


  • It is big and heavy
  • It is expensive

ToughBuilt Journeyman Electrician ClipTec Pouch

Another great tool belt that every HVAC worker should consider is the ToughBuilt Journeyman Electrician ClipTec Pouch. This reliable HVAC tool belt consists of tool loops and a tape measure holder, organized into three pieces. With this, there is enough storage space for standard tools used in the HVAC profession.

 This tool organizer will also be handy to electricians, construction workers, drywallers, carpenters, painters, and anyone in a similar job.

I am impressed with how the work belt is structured for extended wear without work-related stress or fatigue. It also offers good resistance to abrasion and workplace hazards. This product will be a good investment for people working under harsh conditions. It is also highly durable. 

The major challenge about this tool belt made of a patented clip tec hub is that it is expensive, and few technicians can afford it. Also, you will need to buy a holder and suspender for it separately.


  • Have enough space for storing all essential tools
  • Professionals in different fields can use it
  • Tough and highly durable
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Made with patented clip tec hub
  •  Ideal as a gift
  • Compatible with suspenders and holders
  • It comes with ten tool holders, tool clips, and loops
  • Good resistance to abrasion
  • · Ideal for use in a tough and hazardous environment


  • It is expensive
  • The buckle is big and may be difficult to handle sometimes

Occidental Leather - 9540- Adjust-to-Fit™ Finisher Toolbelt

Occidental Leather is a well-known producer of quality tool belts. This product from them is another indication of their professionalism. Occidental Leather – 9540- Adjust-to-Fit™ Finisher Toolbelt is designed such that it can fit any dressing. Therefore, if your dressing style changes from summer to winter, you don’t have to change your toolbelt.


 Also, you can adjust the tool organizer to fit your waist. Hence, anyone can wear this belt irrespective of body size.

Occidental Leather – 9540- Adjust-to-Fit™ Finisher Toolbelt has many pockets of varying sizes, but they are all deep; this means the tools cannot injure you as they are well protected deep inside the pockets. 

You can safely put tools like a hammer in your pocket. The deep nature of the pockets also prevents your devices from falling, no matter how rigorous your job is. The number of pockets also ensures enough space to store all the important tools needed for the HVAC profession.


Another feature I love about this toolbelt is its professional stitching. It ensures you can put heavy tools in the tool belt’s pockets without causing any damage to the belt. It has preinstalled D-ring, which works well for any suspension system.


Occidental Leather – 9540- Adjust-to-Fit™ Finisher Toolbelt is versatile in application. Therefore it is beneficial to workers in different professions, including HVAC, carpenters, drywallers, and DIYs. The toolbelt is also durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

The only complaint I have about this toolbelt is its buckle that frequently gets loose.


  • It has enough space to accommodate all important tools
  • Strong and good stitching that can withstand heavy loading
  • It is perfect for all styles of dressing
  • Can fit users of all body sizes
  • Pockets of varying sizes give room for proper organization of tools
  • Tool are less likely to fall or cause injury
  • It is light in weight and comfortable to wear
  • It can be adjusted to fit
  • Sturdy design
  • Preinstalled D-ring
  • High durability


  •  Its buckle frequently gets loose

CLC - Custom Leathercraft 1608 Tool Belt

The CLC- Custom Leathercraft 1608 Comfort Lift Combo has a lot of space for storing all essential tools you might need for any air conditioner or furnace repair. No matter the number of tools you usually use, you can rely on this toolbelt to hold them successfully. It comes with 28 pockets of varying sizes and encourages proper classification and organization of tools.


 The pockets also have zippers to prevent the tools from falling. Besides, it also has a cordless drill holder and loops for long tools.

It also has suspenders to properly keep the belt on your body, ensuring the load is distributed evenly on the body.


The suspenders are well padded to make them comfortable to wear.

It is 3 inches wide and can perfectly fit anyone with a waist size of 29 inches – 46 inches.


Unfortunately, CLC-Custom Leathercraft 1608 Comfort Lift Combo is not as durable as most of the toolbelts in its category.



  • It has enough space to store all important tools that are being used in the HVAC profession
  • Pocket zippers add more to the safety of tools
  • The suspenders are well padded to make the toolbelt comfortable to wear
  • The weight of tools are evenly distributed to reduce back pain
  • It can fit workers of a wide range of waist sizes
  • It has a drill holder and loops
  • Ideal for workers with a waist size between 29 inches to 46 inches


  • It is not durable

Boss – AirLift Tool Belt with Suspenders

If you are in the market for a tool belt that can perfectly fit your work requirement, you don’t have to explore further. The Boss Airlift Tool Belt with Suspenders can fit up to 52-inches in waist size. The HVAC tool organizer is made from quality 600 denier poly material, and its pockets have a barrel bottom and are further reinforced to withstand heavy loads. The material is tough, durable, and has good resistance to wear. 

This belt is ideal for holding all kinds of tools used by HVAC professionals.

There are 30 pockets in the tool belt. They have different capacities; therefore, you can use them for carrying all types of tools and water bottles. Apart from the pouches, it also has a holder for steel hammers and loops for holding other long-handled tools.

Another great feature of Boss Airlift Tool Belt with Suspenders is the possibility of detaching and repositioning its pouches. If you are not comfortable with the bags’ arrangement or are left-handed, you can easily detach the pouches and rearrange them most conveniently.

 The suspenders are also well padded to make them comfortable to wear.

However, if you work with many large tools, you may not find enough pockets for storing them as the bags are shallow.


  • It has enough space to hold all essential tools used by HVAC professionals
  • The material is lightweight, tough, durable, and wear-resistant
  • It comes with a unique holder and loops for attaching heavy tools
  • It is comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Made with 600 deniers poly material
  • Pouches are detachable and can be rearranged
  • Padded chest suspenders.


  • Pockets are too shallow for some big tools

Gatorback B240 Back Support Belt

As a professional, you will likely be working with many sharp tools. You won’t be concerned about your safety if you keep the tools in a toolbelt and strap the belt to your body. But with the Gatorback B240 Back Support Belt, you can rest assured that there will be no injury and that your tools are equally safe.


Gatorback B240 Back Support Belt is made with heavy-duty 1250 Duratek nylon, and it has all its stress points riveted and bar-tacked. The material is of high quality, solid and tough. Yet, it is lightweight.

Therefore, you can count on this belt to last for a long time and be comfortable to wear.


For extra protection, the pouches are lined with plastic, and they have a box shape. Not only is the belt safe from being punctured by the tools, but it is also safe from moisture. The material is waterproof; hence you can use your toolbelt in a wet environment without any cause for concern. 


However, many users complained that the stitches do come off. Some users also complained of the lack of different colors for this belt.



  • It comes with many reinforced pouches lined with plastic for storing tools
  • Made with high-quality, heavy-duty 1250 Duratek nylon
  • It is highly durable, lightweight, and water-resistant
  • Safe for use as sharp tools cannot cause injury
  • Comfortable to wear and can be used in wet environments
  • All stress points are riveted and bar-tacked



  • It is not available in different colors
  • The stitches can come off

Jackson Palmer - Professional Rig Tool Belt

As an HVAC professional, you will be dealing with different Jobs that will require various tools, and it is always good to have all of them well organized in a toolbelt to save you some time. But if you feel most of the toolbags available are too small for all your tools, then consider investing in Jackson Palmer – Professional Rig Tool Belt.


Made with quality leather, Jackson Palmer – Professional Rig Tool Belt features large pockets capable of holding all essential tools to HVAC technicians. The belt is water-resistant, hence can be used in a wet environment.

The main compartment is 11 inches long, and there are still larger pouches for bulky tools. 


Despite the toolbelt size, it is light in weight and comfortable to strap to the body. Jackson Palmer – Professional Rig ToolBelt is strong, tough, and durable. It has reinforcement, mesh material, and study webbing. Also, the pockets design has zipper-hook loops as well as elastic loops. The zippers ensure your tools are safe. It has a sturdy design and is water-resistant.


However, I am not happy with the fact that the bottoms of the pouches are not reinforced. This feature makes the pouches liable to puncture when you store sharp objects.


  • It has enough space to contain all tools that are vital to HVAC professionals
  •  The toolbelt is made of high-quality material that is durable and water-resistant.
  • Lightweight, sturdy design, and comfortable to wear
  • The pockets design have zippers to protect the tools
  • Features mesh material and sturdy webbing


  • The bottom of the pouches are not reinforced, hence liable to puncture

Electricians 43241 Rack-A-Tiers Bags & Tool Belt Combo

Electricians 43241 Rack-A-Tiers Bags & Tool Belt Combo is made of highly durable DuraTek nylon. It has sturdy stitches and is reinforced at all stress points. To make it comfortable when you wear this belt, it has good padding and double metal buckles, keeping it rigid. There are six different sizes of toolbelts available. Therefore, no matter how big or small you are, you will find a size that will fit you.  


Electricians 43241 Rack-A-Tiers Bags & Tool Belt Combo have an air-channel design that provides adequate ventilation and makes it breathable.

It comes with sufficient space for organizing and storing tools that are essential for technical workers.


Although this tool belt and bag is designed for electricians, it is versatile. Therefore, it will be of great use to everyone who uses many tools, including HVAC professionals, carpenters, drywallers, technicians, and journeymen.


Finally, you will love the aesthetic design of this tool belt. It is beautiful, and anyone will be proud to own it. However, it is expensive, and not many workers can afford it. Therefore, if you are searching for a low-budget tool belt,  Electricians 43241 Rack-A-Tiers Bags & Tool Belt Combo is undoubtedly not for you.


  • Made with durable Duratek nylon
  • It is spacious enough to contain all essential tools
  • All stress points are reinforced
  • It has good padding, which makes it comfortable to wear
  • It comes in six different sizes, hence available for workers of all body sizes
  • It has a beautiful design
  • Uses air channel design to provide ventilation
  • Durable, strong, tough, and breathable
  • Has buckle made with double metals to keep it in position while working at a height


  • It is expensive 

CLC - 1524 Custome Leathercraft Tool Belt Utility Pouch

Another great tool pouch that deserves a position on this list is the CLC-1524 Custome Leathercraft Tool Belt Utility Pouch. The belt pouch has a clip to hold the pouch tight and a zippered cover to keep the tools safe. 

Also, there are features like a flashlight loop and a clip for your tape measure. CLC – 1524 Custome Leathercraft

Tool Belt Utility Pouch is spacious. Hence it is an ideal tool belt pouch organizing and storing all essential tools that an HVAC technician may need for his job.

Made of high-quality fabric, it can conveniently withstand a heavy load. It is also highly durable and comfortable to wear. No matter how long you have been using this tool belt pouch, you will hardly notice any wear on it.

Another thing I love about this tool belt pouch is its cost. Despite all the great features of the tool belt, it is very affordable. Hence it is a good investment for any HVAC professional needing a quality tool belt at a low cost.

 Also, there is no reinforcement at the bottom of this tool belt pouch. The implication of this is that sharp tools can pierce through the bottom and damage the tool belt.


  • It has enough space for organizing and storing tools
  • Has separate loops for flashlight and tape measure holder clip
  • It is comfortable to wear
  •   High durability, wear-resistant, and good ability to withstand heavy load
  • Highly affordable
  • Made of quality fabric material
  • Zippered cover protects the tools


  • A sharp hook at the top can cause injury
  • There is no reinforcement at the bottom of this tool belt pouch

DEWALT DG5103- Small Electrician’s Tools Pouch

The last HVAC tool organizer we will consider is DEWALT DG5103- Small Electrician’s Tools Pouch. Although this pouch is designed for electricians, as the name implies, various professionals can use it conveniently, including HVAC technicians.

DEWALT DG5103- Small Electrician’s Tools Pouch is small and consists of the main compartment and side pockets. These are enough storage to keep and organize the most important tools used by HVAC professionals. 

You can also store objects like a flashlight in the side pockets, making the pouch highly useful when working in the dark. The bag also has carabiner and web loops. Hence you can store objects like keys with the carabiner and use the loops to hang your tools.

Made with ballistic polyester fabrics, DEWALT DG5103- Small Electrician’s Tools Pouch is affordable yet durable. The material’s light composition also means you can comfortably strap on this toolbelt pouch without feeling any extra load on your body. Specifically, the bag weighs just 9.6 ounces. The pockets are reinforced so that sharp tools will not damage them.

This product comes with two different toolbelt choices for you to choose the one that appeals more to you. You can directly attach it to a belt that is up to 2.75 inches. Otherwise, you can use a belt clip. 

The last thing about this toolbelt pouch that is worth mentioning is the ease of maintenance. All you need to clean it are water and soap. Hence, it does not only come at a low price, but it is also cheap to maintain.

However, this is a small toolbag; therefore, it might not be the best for you if you deal with many tools.


  • Very affordable and easy to maintain
  • Has pouches and loops for storing tools and hanging long tools
  • Can be clipped conveniently to toolbelt with belt clip
  • The pockets are reinforced so that sharp tools will not damage them.
  • Made with durable polyester fabrics
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes with two belt choices


  • It is small, hence may not contain all essential tools for workers that use many tools
  • · The clip may break

What is an HVAC Tool Belt?

An HVAC toolbelt is a belt designed for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning workers. They are fitted with small pockets storing different tools, and you can easily wear the belts in the rear or the front. Most of them have a primary compartment for storing all the major devices or tools, while smaller pouches store small tools. Some also have loops for attaching long-handled tools.

How it Works

HVAC toolbelts usually come with small pouches. These pouches are organizing and storing tools. They can be located anywhere on the belt, and some are detachable, and you can reposition them. If you have such, you only need to position them according to your preference.


Big tool belts may be challenging to use when working in a tight space. That is why most of them are small and light in weight.


Some toolbelts have suspenders that you can use to suspend the pouches on your body. This will make the load evenly distributed on your body.

HVAC ToolBelts Types

There are different HVAC toolbelts types available. The most common types are:


The Conventional Toolbelt: This is the most common among tool belts. It simply consists of a belt with pouches attached to it.


Holster Tool belts: Holster tool belts are not designed for carrying many tools. They are ideal for attaching a few devices to your body. They are worn on the hips, and with them, you can carry on with your everyday activities without them interrupting you. You use this if you need a flexible tool belt and do not intend to carry many tools.


Toolbelt Built on an Apron: There are work aprons that have an inbuilt tool belt. They are usually made of rubber or canvas material and are suitable for carrying lots of heavy tools. With these aprons, you and your devices are safe, and you can conveniently have many heavy tools on your body at a time.


Suspender Tool belts: These are tool belts with a pair of straps to suspend the belt on your body. The straps go over your shoulders to suspend the belt on your waist. This feature helps to distribute the weight of the belt and the tools evenly on your body. Hence it is beneficial when you are working with heavy tools attached to your body.

Care, Maintenance & Storage Tips

The major way to care for your HVAC toolbelt is to clean it constantly. However, the best cleaning process will depend on the material used for making the tool belt. The most common materials for HVAC toolbelts are leather, nylon, cotton, and polyester.


If your HVAC belt is made of nylon, cotton, or polyester, you can easily wash it with water and soap and dry it outside. But if it is made of leather, you may need to use unique materials produced explicitly for cleaning leather. You may use foot oil and castile soap to remove dirt. You can also polish or spay your leather tool belt with silicone spray to make it look new.

Buying Guide

There are many brands of HVAC toolbelts in the market today. But they don’t have the same quality and features. Therefore, before you buy one, it is important to consider the following features.

Where to Buy

HVAC toolbelts are available online. Many websites will offer various incentives, discounts, and sales if you search for any product. However, you must be careful of where you buy from as not all websites can be trusted for quality products.


However, many sites are reliable; therefore, always ensure you only make an order from a website you can trust. You can trust popular online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, and if you order anything from them, you can rest assured that you will get it as described.


However, if you prefer to see or touch what you want to buy before you pay for it, then you can buy an HVAC tool belt from brick-and-mortar stores that are close to you.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many HVAC toolbelts with different features, and it would be best to consider some important features before choosing the right HVAC toolbelts for you. Here are some important factors to be on the lookout for when buying:


Quality: This is essential when buying anything. HVAC toolbelts don’t come cheap. Hence you must get good value for your money. Make sure you buy a tool belt that is made from high-quality material and have a good design. The quality of the material will determine the durability of your tool belt. 


Purchasing an HVAC toolbelt is a long-time investment; investing in a durable one will save you money.


Storage Space: We use tool belts to keep tools. Hence it must have enough storage space. Having enough space will also help you in organizing your work tools properly. The available space will depend on the number and size of the pockets. You must check this before you buy the tool belt. 


The storage space you need will depend on the number and type of tools you usually use. If you don’t use many tools, then an HVAC tool belt with a few pockets may be okay for you, but you must buy one with many pockets if you use a lot of tools. 


Comfort: As an HVAC professional, you may likely be having your tool belt on for many hours a day. Therefore, you must choose one that offers you comfort. The best tool belts for HVAC are light in weight and can be adjusted to fit. Tool belts with suspenders will distribute weight evenly on your body, preventing excessive stress on one part of your body. If there is padding, this will make the belt more comfortable.


Price: All HVAC toolbelts are not of the same price. Some tool belts are significantly more expensive than others of similar qualities, but some are substantially cheaper. It would be best to compare the prices of different tool belts before you choose the one to buy.


How do I use an HVAC tool belt?

You can wear an HVAC tool belt the same way you wear other tool belts. However, you must have a clear understanding of toolbelts’ use to prevent your tools from spilling. 


First, make sure you choose a belt that fits you. Then strap it to your body and adjust appropriately. If it comes with shoulder straps, strap them across your shoulders. 


After that, put your tools in the pouches and make sure you put the right tools in the right pockets. This feature will make it convenient to access your devices and also prevent spilling. Follow other instructions given by the manufacturer.


Why do I need an HVAC tool belt?

If you are an HVAC technician, you will need many tools to carry out your duty. A tool belt will help you keep all the tools attached to your body. It will also help you to organize your tools properly.


How do I maintain my HVAC tool belt?

The maintenance of your tool belt will depend on the material used for making the tool belt. The primary thing is to keep your tool belt clean always. If it is made from nylon, polyester, or cotton, you can wash it with soap and water. Otherwise, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning the tool belt.


HVAC professionals need tool belts, but there are many in the market designed for this profession. In this review, we have discussed the important features of the best-rated tool belts for HVAC. We believe this will guide you in buying the best tool belt for HVAC.

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