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The Best-Rated Mechanic Tool Box ( Top Reviews and Buying Guide) 2021 List

by Bart Aghimien
Mechanic Tool Box

Whether as a professional mechanic or a beginner, you will undoubtedly need a lot of tools. It is also essential to get your tools well organized, and this is why you must invest in a mechanic toolbox. 


Mechanic toolboxes are used for storing and organizing tools used frequently by mechanics. However, if you are not familiar with these toolboxes, you may not know which one is the best for you. As different mechanics have different needs. That is why we have decided to review the best mechanic toolboxes for 2021. The review covers our top ten mechanic toolboxes. We believe with our review, you will be able to make the right choice.

One of the fantastic features of the GEARWRENCH 20-inch Black Steel Tool Box is its portability. The mechanic toolbox is small enough to carry around yet has enough space to store all essential tools used by mechanics. 


The toolbox has three compartments with drawers for storing and organizing different tools, including a large top compartment that you can use to store wretches and other big tools. The top compartment can even be used for storing power tools.

Made with durable steel and coated with black powder, GEARWRENCH 20-inch Black Steel Tool Box has good resistance to scratches, corrosion, or dents. The drawers of the toolbox have ball bearing, which makes them slide easily. I love this feature as it is not even affected by heavy loading. For easy movement, the mechanical box comes with side handles that you can use to lift it.



  • Has enough space for storing all essential mechanic tools
  •  The top compartment can store big tools like hammers, wrenches, and power tools
  • It is highly durable and easy to transport
  • it is Portable and easy to maintain


  • The drawer can accidentally open or come off its alignment every so often.

Omega 92450 Black Tool Box

This Omega 92450 toolbox is a three-drawer toolbox fitted with front and back trays. The drawers are equipped with ball bearings, which makes them slide smoothly on most surfaces. 

While I cannot say that this mechanic toolbox has enough space for all tools used by a professional mechanic, I am pleased that it has enough space to hold the essential tools. Having three compartments also means you can perfectly organize your small devices according to their sizes and function.

Omega 92450 Black Tool Box is made with durable material and quickly assembled without being an expert. However, when first built, the drawers may be too tight. But you don’t have to worry about this as it will soon expand to fit work equipment.


  • It is easy to transport
  • The casters have good resistance to oil
  • Drawers can slide easily with the ball bearing
  • It can serve as a work creeper seat
  • It has a high weight-carrying capacity
  • It has enough space for the essential tools
  • You can quickly assemble it


  • When first put to use, the drawers may be too tight

Craftsman 6-drawer Top Tool Chest

The Craftsman 6-drawer Top Tool Chest is produced from thick high-grade steel. Hence it is robust, reliable, and durable. It is appropriate for heavy-duty applications. The toolbox has six drawers that feature heavy-duty ball bearing. With this, the drawers slide effortlessly.

I love the fact that the drawers consist of three small ones and three relatively large ones. Hence, you can store small tools in the small drawers and more extensive ones in the other.

Craftsman 6-drawer Top Tool Chest can be stacked on other chests from the same manufacturer; however, the toolbox is too small to contain all mechanic’s tools.


  • The six drawers feature makes it easy to organize tools properly
  • There is a drawer big enough to hold paint jars
  • You can stack it on other chests
  • Highly durable and portable
  • Drawer slide smoothly


  • It is too small when compared with other professional mechanic toolboxes

Montezuma XL450B 36-inch TRIANGLE Tool Box

Montezuma XL450B 36-inch TRIANGLE Tool Box is a professional mechanic’s toolbox made with thick sheet metals that are TIG welded to produce a highly durable toolbox. 


The box is waterproof and can also withstand any harsh weather conditions. It is portable and designed to have all your tools right in front of you once you open it. It also has gas springs that raise the lid and socket tray when unlatched for easy tool storage and access to storage underneath. 

The lid stays up when open with the springs, allowing you to take your tools without the danger of the top falling on your fingers. However, I am not impressed with the size and design of the lid. Most times, it becomes difficult to close properly.


  • It has enough space to store all professional mechanic’s tools
  • You can easily see all the content once the lid is opened
  • The gas springs ensure the lid stays up when taking tools
  • It is highly portable and durable
  • You can use it under any weather condition


  • The lock is not reliable 

On Shine High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest

Produced from high-quality stainless steel and an anti-rust coating, the On Shine High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest has a total of 8 drawers. You can store small tools and parts in the small drawers, while the standard drawers are meant for more powerful work tools. 

The bottom drawer is extra-large. Hence you can store big tools, including hammers, power tools, and even paint’s cans. Therefore, the toolbox is very spacious.

It also features a perforated side for hooks. You can use these hooks to hold hammers and similar objects.

I am impressed with the ball bearing used for making the drawers slide perfectly. The design also includes damper and drawer liners. The damper prevents the drawer from shutting on its own while the drawer liners ensure your content in the drawer remains stationary as the drawer slides.

The top cabinet is detachable, and I am happy with that. This feature means you can use the top cabinet like a tabletop. You can put the tools primarily needed inside it and place the cabinet on your workbench to make it easy and faster to access. However, this feature means the top cabinet is not rigidly fixed to the base cabinet, and sometimes it slides around.


  • Enough space for storing all vital mechanic tools
  • You can use perforated sides to hang long tools
  • The top cabinet can be detached and use as a tabletop toolbox
  • Made with a durable and rust-resistant material


  • The top cabinet is not sturdy and may move around too freely

Craftsman Tool Box Cart

It is easy to fall in love with this toolbox as it can conveniently serve two purposes. You can use it to store and organize your tools, workbench, and high load-carrying capacity. Hence it is suitable for transporting heavy tools around your workplace. 

If you want to use it as a workbench, you don’t have to worry about your pants falling off as the edges are slightly raised. Besides, the surface has an excellent texture to hold small objects from falling.

Craftsman Tool Box Cart has a deep top compartment, two drawers, and a bottom shelf that is spacious enough to hold all-important mechanic’s tools. The top compartment is deep, making it ideal for storing big tools and power tools. 


The drawers have bearings, which make them slide when you are opening or closing them. The bottom shelf is deep and is ideal for storing bottles and paint cans. This toolbox is fitted with large polyurethane wheels, making it easy to move around in your shop. 



  • Enough space for storing all essential tools
  •  It can serve both as a toolbox and a workbench
  • This model is suitable for transporting heavy tools
  • The bottom shelf is deep enough to hold extensive tools and materials
  • It is fitted with large polyurethane wheels that make movement on all terrains easy


  • You cannot lock drawers 

Crescent General Purpose Tool Set

The Crescent General Purpose Tool Set is a sturdy toolbox produced from high-quality steel and is moisture resistant. Its outer case is made of injection-molded polypropylene resin plastic. The material has excellent resistance to impact, hence has high durability. 


This model contains an updated assortment of carefully selected hand tools needed for most industries. 

These tools meet stringent new ANSI and ASME specifications and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

There are many things you will love about this toolbox.

Crescent General Purpose Tool Set is portable and compact yet has a good storage capacity. The box has over one hundred components for storing tools. All tool slots are well labeled, making it easy to know where you took a tool.

The box uses both the metric and the US standard measurement, so you don’t have to worry about conversion. The ratchets of the toolbox varied, and you will find all the ratchet size you may need. That means the toolbox is a perfect fit for all tools, irrespective of their sizes.


  • It has enough slots for storing and organization of tools
  • It is made with high-quality material with high resistance to moisture and impact
  • There are ratchets of different sizes
  • You don’t have to worry about the conversion of units
  • Easy to use and transport


  • The design of the return spring does not allow the nose pliers to close appropriately

Husky Extra Deep 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

Husky Extra Deep 9-drawer mobile workbench is made with steel and coated with rust-resistant powder to ensure it remains new even in the most hazardous work environment. 


The first thing you will love about this toolbox is its excellent storage space. Specifically, this toolbox has 19650 cubic inches of space for storing and organizing tools; This is enough space to hold all vital mechanic tools and small parts. 

The top drawer can hold any length of tools while the bottom shelves are over 9-inches deep, making them convenient for carrying paint cans and similar accessories for work. Two extension ball-bearing drawers functions to hold tools weighing up to 100 pounds.

You will also like how the drawers are designed to ensure proper closing and maintain a rigid position for tools stored. Therefore, no matter the roughness of the terrain of your work, you can rest assured that your tools will be perfectly safe. For additional security, the toolbox also has a locking system.

If you have power tools that require charging, this toolbox is one of the first options you should consider. It has a power outlet and USB ports which you can use to recharge your devices. The side handle of the toolbox makes it easy to transport from one place to another. With nine drawers, the Husky Extra Deep 9-drawer mobile workbench makes the organization of tools more accessible. But unfortunately, none of the drawers is constructed to hold power tools conveniently.


  • It has enough space to store and organize all vital mechanic’s tools properly.
  • You can use it to recharge power tools.
  • It does not get rusted even in hazardous environments
  • Has handle for easy transportation
  • It can support heavy tools and locked drawers
  • It can be used as a workbench


  • It cannot conveniently hold big power tools
  • The drawers do not slide smoothly

WEN 73015 Glider Rolling Tool Chest

This toolbox is fitted with magnetic pull-down straps and ball-bearing swivel casters for easy movement in all directions. It has three central drawers and two foldable magnetic storage trays. While you may keep your tools in the main drawer, the magnetic trays are included to hold small items like screws, nuts, and bolts. 


These trays will fold up when you are not using them. The toolbox also has 16 slots for long-handle mechanic tools. There, you can store hammers, screwdrivers, and similar devices.

WEN 73015 Glider Rolling Tool Chest also comes with a high-quality vinyl-protected multi-layered padding for maximum protection and comfort. The vinyl protection ensures your tools cannot be attacked by the environment, irrespective of how hazardous your work environment is.


I am sure you will be happy to know that this toolbox can hold up to 350 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Its height is well suited for use as a stool or a creeper. So, no matter your weight, you can comfortably use this toolbox as a stool. 


Another great feature of the toolbox is its wheels with casters; hence, it can move smoothly on all terrains. But the casters are flimsy, and you may need to change them after using the box for a few months. Also, there are complaints about the foams on the top being too soft.



  • It has enough space for storing all essential mechanic tools
  • You can use the magnetic trays to store small parts
  • The Trays fold up when not in use
  • It can support a considerable weight
  • It is made with durable material
  • Weight is evenly distributed
  • Wheels make it easy to transport
  • The height makes it ideal to be used as a stool
  • Vinyl protection keeps content safe


  • Casters may need to be changed after using for a few months
  • The seat’s foam is too soft, hence not comfortable to sit on.

Husky 5-drawer Tool Chest

Husky 5-drawer Tool Chest features five drawers that are equipped with bearings for smooth sliding. The top drawers are small compared to the bottom drawers. This design lets you store small tools at the stop while storing more extensive tools in the bottom drawers. 

With the 3-inch deep space at the top drawer, you can store things like paint cans in this compartment. The toolbox also has hydraulic lifters to keep the top lid open when searching for your tools.

Husky 5-drawer Tool Chest is made with durable material and is finished with tough and durable paint. You can rest assured that your toolbox cannot be easily scratched. You will also love the texture of the toolbox. However, the toolbox is heavy and may be challenging to transport from one place to another.



  • Made with high-quality material
  •  Good finishing to prevent scratching
  • It has enough space to store and organize all essential tools
  • The top drawer is deep enough to hold paint cans
  • Drawers have bearings for smooth sliding


  •  It is heavy, and transportation is difficult

What is a Mechanic Toolbox

A mechanic toolbox is a box that a mechanic uses to store and organize their tools. They are usually made of metals and coated with anti-rust paint or powder. 


There are different types of mechanic toolboxes with different features, but the essential feature is that they can all store tools used by mechanics. The toolboxes also have separate chambers, which help in the organization of instruments. Some of them have a central locking system that enables all the chambers to be locked at once. Some have holes for padlocks. Hence mechanic toolboxes are also used to safeguard mechanics’ tools.


For easy mobility, some toolboxes have wheels, but some are portable and may not need to be pushed around.

How to Use a Mechanic Toolbox

A mechanic toolbox is meant for storing and organizing mechanic tools. They are also used for protecting tools. They usually have many compartments of different sizes. To properly arrange your tools, you will put tools in each compartment according to the compartment’s design. Some drawers are meant for small tools, and some are designed for great tools.


Apart from storing and organizing your tools, a mechanic toolbox can easily transport the mechanic’s tools around within his workshop. Big toolboxes usually have wheels. So you can quickly put your tools in the toolbox and push them around.


No matter where you work, it is not perfectly safe to leave your tools in a place anybody can access them. Hence keeping you can keep all your tools in your toolbox and lock them. Some toolboxes have central locking systems, and some require that you buy a padlock to lock them.


If your mechanic toolbox is extensive and can withstand high weight, you can also use it as a seat in your workstation. You can as well use your toolbox as a workbench. Some are designed to remove the top compartments and place them on your workbench, hence serving as a tabletop toolbox. That will give you easy access to your tools.

Types of Mechanic Tool Box

There are many types of toolboxes. The following are the most common:

Rolling Tool Chest – Rolling tool chests are usually large and have space for many tools. They can also contain big and heavy items. They are considerably tall. They are too big than what you can carry in your hand, but they always come with wheels. Hence you can quickly move them around. They are usually made from metals.

Tabletop Tool Chest– Tabletop tool chests are similar to the rolling tool chest and can be placed on a table or your workbench. The rolling tool chest has many drawers, compartments, central locking systems, or padlock holes.

Hand-Carrying Toolbox – These are toolboxes with only one compartment and a handle that you can use to carry them. Hence, they are carried by hand. They can have space for many tools but cannot support extensive tools like power tools and oversized items like paint cans. There is also a limit to the weight that they can carry. These tool kits are usually made from plastics, but some are made from metals.

Tool Cart– These are workshop carts that have drawers for storing tools. Hence they function both as workshop carts and as toolboxes. You can use tool carts to move heavy objects in your workshop from one place to another. Because they usually have a flat and spacious surface, you can use their tops occasionally as workbenches.

Working Stool – Working stools are stools that you can also use as a toolbox. They are of heights and sizes that enable people to sit comfortably on them. They can also withstand heavyweight. At the same time, they have drawers and compartments for storing and organizing tools.

Care and Maintenance

There is no particular way to care for a mechanic toolbox other than the usual way you care for any metallic container. Do not allow dirt to accumulate on your toolbox. Anytime you notice dirt on it, use a wet rag to remove it quickly. If it is a stain, use soap and water to remove it.


You don’t have to clean the internal part all the time, but occasionally, dedicate time for proper cleaning and vacuuming. You can do this monthly or at a scheduled time. Remove all the content and thoroughly clean all the drawers and compartments.


To protect the drawers’ sliders, ensure no dirt has a chance to accumulate on them. You can spray them periodically with silicone spray lube.

If your toolbox is made with unique material, you can follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Where Can I Buy a Mechanic Toolbox?

You can buy a mechanic toolbox in any shop selling gear around you. But if there is no shop around or you want a bigger market, the best place to buy is the online marketplace. However, you must ensure you order your toolbox from a reputable website like Amazon or eBay.

Buyers’ Guide

Before you buy a mechanic toolbox, you must consider the following factors

Quality– Everyone wants value for his money. Ensure you consider the quality of the material and design of the toolbox before buying it. A high-quality toolbox will last for a long time. Hence you won’t have any reason to change it anytime soon.


Storage Space – You buy the toolbox so that you can store your tools. Therefore, it must have enough space to contain all your tools. Check the number of drawers in the toolbox. Also, consider the size of each compartment. The best mechanic toolbox must have enough space to store both small and hefty tools. You must be able to put your power tools and paint cans in them.


Weight-Carrying Capacity– Most of the tools used by a mechanic are heavy, hence apart from the space, your toolbox must also be able to withstand heavy loading.


Security– It will be unwise to let everybody has access to your tools. Safety should be one of the essential factors to consider before choosing the best mechanic toolbox. You should consider if the toolbox has a central locking system or a hole for a padlock. Otherwise, it may not be good enough for you.


Portability– Choose the size of your toolbox based on the number of tools you are constantly using. However, it must be convenient for you to carry your toolbox around. If your toolbox does not have wheels, it must be portable so that you can easily carry it in your hand.


Price – It is good to invest in a mechanic toolbox. However, you don’t have to overpay for a toolbox. Before buying, it would be best to compare prices and ensure you pick a good toolbox for the right price.


Frequently Asked Question

Who needs a Mechanic toolbox?

A mechanic toolbox is for any mechanic who uses many tools and needs storage space for his tools. If you are also a DIY vehicle owner and use many tools regularly, you may consider buying a mechanic toolbox. Workers in other fields can also benefit from the space provided by a mechanic toolbox to store their tools.


Where can I buy a mechanic toolbox?


Even though mechanic toolboxes are available in many stores across the country, the best place to buy one is from a reputable online marketplace like Amazon and eBay.


Does a mechanic toolbox come with a warranty?


Most of them do come with a one-year warranty against factory defects. This means that if you detect any factory defect within a year after purchasing it, you can return it for a refund. However, the warranty may not cover damage to the box during use. Luckily, some mechanic toolboxes have a guarantee even against any form of damage. It is important to check the warranty as part of your research before buying.


How do I choose the best mechanic toolbox?

The best mechanic toolboxes are made from quality materials and have good resistance to rust and dent. You must also consider the locking system, the kind of wheels, the number of compartments, and the maximum weight it can support. You must also not forget to compare prices of similar toolboxes before concluding on the one to buy.


What brand is the best for the mechanic toolbox?

It isn’t easy to decide the best brand for a mechanic toolbox. However, you can go through our review of the best mechanic toolbox for 2021 to compare the top toolboxes’ features for a mechanic.


Every mechanic needs a toolbox to store and organize their tools. The toolbox will also keep the tools safe. Before buying a mechanic toolbox, you must consider its quality, material, storage capacity, portability, security, and price. But since there are many types of mechanic tool boxes available in the market today, our review discusses all the essential features of our top ten mechanic toolboxes. We believe this review will be of great help to you and will guide you in choosing the right mechanic toolbox for your profession.  

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