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The Best-Rated Tacoma Storage Toolboxes( Top Reviews & Buying Guides) 2021 List

by Bart Aghimien

If you own a Toyota Tacoma, it would be best to install a truck toolbox in it, and this will help you organize, store, and provides easy access to your favorite tools. But it is not only your tools that can be kept in your Tacoma toolbox. Your fishing gear, sports gear, drinks, and other similar items can be kept onside. However, there are different Toyota Tacoma models, so are different types of truck toolboxes. It would be best if you got the proper toolbox that best fits your truck.
This review will guide you in choosing the best toolbox for your Tacoma. After reading this guide, you will be able to make the right decision when you finally decide to buy that quality toolbox for your favorite Tacoma truck.

The first toolbox for Tacoma that we will consider is the Dee Zee DZ8537B 37″ Red Label Utility Chest. This chest has many great features, and it will easily fit any model of Tacoma. It was made with an aluminum sheet and coated with black powder to make it resistant to corrosion and rust.

This high-quality toolbox is ideal for use under all weather conditions. Even when it is raining, you can safely use it. The interior is 4 cubic feet which is quite spacious. With just 37 pounds, the box is certainly not a problem to carry from point A to B.

The Dee Zee DZ8537B 37″ Red Label Utility Chest has strong handles located on either side. Also, there is a sliding tray made from plastic anyone can use to store small items. The manufacturer included every hardware you need to mount this chest on the back of the Tacoma bed to make your job easier. 

It is important to note that the light metal construction means that this storage toolbox can dent easily. 


  • It is easy to install and spacious
  • It is made with durable aluminum material
  • You can use it under all weather conditions
  • It is light in weight
  • It comes with two handles for easy transportation
  • It comes with every hardware needed for installation


  • It easily gets dented from daily use

Weather Guard 131501 Saddle Storage Tool Box

The next toolbox for a Tacoma truck that we will consider is the Weather Guard 131501 Saddle box. This Storage toolbox is reputed to be a very secure toolbox for Tacoma. With exterior aluminum construction and a powder coat to protect it from environmental attack, the Weather Guard 131501 Saddle box provides a high level of protection for your expensive tools.

One of its essential features is its two automotive grade-type loop strikers with an overlapping cover; This provides extra security as it can not open easily with any tool.

Also, there are two security locks and a torque ring for additional peace of mind.

The Weather Guard 131501 Saddle box will fit perfectly on your truck with an easy and quick installation design. The Weather Guard 131501 Saddle box is lightweight and highly durable with the aluminum material used to construct it. 

This toolbox is spacious with a beautiful and unique design, making it one of my favorite models. It has a full-weather seal which makes it perfect under all weather conditions. It is undoubtedly ideal for mechanics, welders, and construction workers. However, the large size may not suit people who prefer something relatively small for daily use.


  • Good security features and highly spacious
  • Made with durable aluminum and finished with powder coating
  • You can use it under all weather conditions
  • Two automotive grade-type loop strikers with overlapping cover
  • Two security locks


  • People that prefer small boxes will find them too big

Dee Zee - DZ6535P Utility Chest Storage Tool Box

Dee Zee -DZ6535P Utility Chest Storage Tool Box has a poly plastic structure that makes it lightweight and easy to transport. Despite this feature, it is very durable and will not show any warping.

This series offers a solid frame that provides excellent support. It also has a double-wall lid structure which is the main reason it can prevent warping. In addition, it is equipped with integrated support at the center and a support bracket at the back to prevent sagging and increase durability.

Dee Zee – DZ6535P Utility Chest Storage Tool Box has a capacity of 40 liters, which is good enough to store various things. The box is a utility chest as you can use it to keep your tools, drinks, groceries, and anything you can think of to make your work more comfortable.

Other notable features include a lid, cup holders, and two tabs for padlocking. I am not happy about the nature of the top as it does not have moisture resistance, which means the utility chest toolbox is not ideal for use during raining season.


  • Light in weight, strong, and last long
  • It has a double-wall lid structure and good storage capacity
  • Made of durable poly plastic material 
  • It is designed with an extra support bracket to prevent warping and sag
  • It has dual padlock security features


  • It does not resist water and weather, hence not suitable for a moist or wet work environment.

Better Built -73210285 Truck Storage Tool Box

Better Built- 73210285 Truck Storage Tool Box has a small size design. That is an advantage where space is vital. It is only 12 inches in length. However, despite this slim design, it can still accommodate many tools and other utility devices. You can use it to store your safety gear, sporting gear, and other devices.
Another feature that you will like about Better Built-73210285 Truck Storage Tool Box will be the ease of opening and closing this truck toolbox. With a single click, you can close it securely.

You can use the same comfort to open it while knowing this toolbox will close properly and your contents are perfectly safe.

I love how the handles are located at the front, which helps with transportation and opening the toolbox with ease. You will also love the ease of installation, which does not require any drilling. With its aluminum tub and lid, this truck toolbox has good corrosion resistance. It is also lightweight in function.

There is not much to complain about this truck toolbox. But some users who need the box at night complain of the lack of LED light. 


  • Made with solid and durable rust-resistant aluminum material
  • Easy to open and slim shape design
  • Easy to install (requires no drilling)
  • Closes with a single click (locked securely always)
  • It does not occupy too much space 


  • It is not well illuminated ( can’t be used in the dark)

UWS- TBS-63-A-LP-MBLK Storage Toolboxes

UWS -TBS – 63 – A – LP – MBLK Storage ToolBox is an excellent option to consider for those searching for a highly secured toolbox for your Tacoma truck. This toolbox is unique with a well-made thick aluminum structure and a lid constructed with a unique patented design using RigidCore foam to guarantee high storage options for your tools.
This series opens and closes perfectly well to allow easy retrieval and replacing tools and objects from the toolbox without interference from the lid. The lid can also self-close to make your job easier.

UWS -TBS – 63 – A – LP –MBLK Storage Tool Box has two latch handles at the front side. The latch handles and the inside part of the box are linked with rods and are lockable; this makes locking and opening the toolbox easy. It also ensures the proper safety of your work tools. 

The thick aluminum material used in constructing this toolbox makes it possible for the box to withstand heavy load without bending or warping. It also has good resistance to weather conditions. Therefore it will not rust even when used during raining season.

Another feature I like about this toolbox is its storage capacity. It has two trays to store objects like bolts, nuts, pliers, and wrenches. It also has unique holders for screwdrivers. The box has a lining that can be removed, hence helps to make cleaning easier. 

The last important feature of this box that I will mention is its visibility from the rear window. When seated in your truck, you can see the condition of the box from the window. However, customers do complain about the shipping and delivery of this box.


  • It is made with durable thick aluminum material
  • Uses patented RigidCore foam-filled lid
  • Weather-resistant and withstand heavy loading without bending
  • Opening and closing are easy
  • Two lockable latch handles
  • There are two sliding trays for storing small tools
  • Screwdriver holders
  • You can use it under all weather conditions


  • Damages do occur during shipping

Undercover -SC401D Swing Case Truck Bed Storage Tool Box

Undercover -SC401D – Swing Case Truck Bed Storage Tool Box can be one of the best options for those searching for a toolbox for their Toyota Tacoma side bed. It is easy to lock and unlock. The box swings open flat, which means you can access it from all sides of your truck.
With a unique ABS plastic material construction, it is compact, light in weight, and has good corrosion resistance to various weather conditions. It can withstand a heavy load without bending. It also closes tightly and is ideal for use under any weather condition.

Undercover -SC401D Swing Case Truck Bed Storage Tool Box installs in your trucks with ease. You will need only one tool to install this toolbox, and the installation will not take more than 15 minutes. It has a key lock at the top lid that ensures your tools’ safety, and the sealing foam around the cover makes the lid close tightly.

However, the ABS plastic material used in manufacturing this toolbox is not durable enough to stand the test of time.


  • It is easy to install and made with ABS plastic material
  • Compact, light in weight, and has good resistance to corrosion and weather conditions
  • Secure key- lock system and a sealing foam around the lid makes it close tightly
  • Swing open at an angle of 180 degrees, and You can access the truck box from all sides of the Tacoma
  • Close tightly and safe to use
  • It can withstand heavy load without bending


  • The ABS plastic material used in making it is not durable enough.

Cam-Locker -King Size Aluminum Crossover Storage Tool Box

Suppose your primary interest in a toolbox for Tacoma is the storage space. In that case, no toolbox can satisfy your desires as much as Cam- Locker King Size Aluminum Crossover Storage Tool Box. From the name, you would have known that it will have king-size storage space. Indeed, it does. With its 17 inches deep tub, you have enough storage space for all the tools you may want to keep in your toolbox.

If you install this king-size toolbox in your truck, you can easily get a clear view of it from the rear window as it covers just 3.5 inches above the body.

Cam-Locker King Size Aluminum Crossover Storage Tool Boxes are made with heavy-duty, durable aluminum and finished with chrome powder coating to make them durable and scratch-resistant. The material is lightweight but strong and can withstand heavy loads. This Crossover storage toolbox is a highly durable box you cal use for a long time without bending or warping. It equally has excellent moisture resistance and has an insulated lid.

The closing mechanism uses stainless steel hinges with shocks, making it easy to open and close the toolbox. It uses a cam lock system with keys; This ensures items stored in the box are perfectly safe. 

It has plastic trays for storing small tools. However, the tray is flimsy and poorly designed. But you don’t have to worry about that as you can easily remove it from the toolbox. The last important thing to mention about this toolbox for Tacoma is its lifetime warranty.


  • Made with light and durable, heavy-duty aluminum material
  • Finished with chrome powder coating to make it scratch-resistant, waterproof and weather-resistant
  • It has good resistance to moisture, corrosion, and scratches
  • It has good storage space and can be securely locked
  • You can view it from your truck’s rear window
  • Features cam-lock system and a lifetime warranty


  • The sliding tray that comes with it is flimsy and poorly designed.

Montezuma - ME300B -TRIANGLE Steel Tool Box

One of the significant advantages of the Montezuma- ME300B- Triangle Steel Tool Box is its stability. No matter how rough the road you are traveling and unsteady the toolbox is, you can trust that the contents of your toolbox will remain in the position you put them.

The toolbox has multiple layers to store larger tools, and smaller tools can be organized and held in the tray. The locking system uses a dual pin design which ensures your devices are perfectly safe.

Made of heavy-duty, durable steel and finished with powder coating Montezuma ME300B Triangle Tool Box is strong, durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand heavy loads. The powder coating also makes it resistant to rust which increases its durability. The lid equally comes with a waterproof seal, meaning your tools are safe from moisture or any attack from outside environmental conditions.

However, if you need a utility box, this is not a box for you as it is strictly a toolbox. It does not have the capacity and design to hold other gear except tools.


  • Made with highly durable and heavy-duty, durable steel material
  • Can withstand heavy loading
  • Finished with powder coating to make it anti-rust and resistant to corrosion and moisture
  • Remain stable even during a rough ride
  • Has good storage capacity for all standard tools and is locked securely


  • You cannot use it to store other items ( just tools )

Delta Crescent 1-351002 - Crossover Storage Truck Tool Box

Delta Crescent 1-351002- Crossover Storage Truck Box is a durable and robust toolbox ideal for moving tools and all sorts of gear from one point to another.
While made from aluminum material, its reinforced base makes it extra strong. Therefore, the truck box can boast superior strength and can withstand heavy loads.
This toolbox model is 14.75 inches deep, spacious enough for all essential tools you may want to move to your job site. The truck storage box is easy to open with its lids equipped with auto lift- shocks.

It features a hoop striker that can adjust automatically, making the top close tightly. The lid also has a weather-resistance seal which protects the tools and gear in the box from moisture, dust, and any other attack from the surrounding. Therefore, you can use this box under any weather condition, including during the rainy season.

Aside from the deep storage space, Delta Crescent 1-351002- Crossover Storage Truck Box also has a sliding tray with five pockets for storing and organizing small tools. It has a secure locking system to ensure the safety of your devices. 

The truck box has RSL lamination to prevent corrosion and a powder coating finish on the exterior for additional protection against harsh weather conditions. The only complaint about this box is during packaging and shipping. People receive the product with dents caused during packaging or shipping, which is usual with heavy and bulky products.


  • It has enough storage capacity for keeping and organizing tools
  • Made with aluminum material with high strength, hence can withstand heavy loading
  • Good resistance to weather, moisture, scratches, and corrosion
  • It has a secure gear locking system to keep your tools safe 
  • The lid comes with auto lift- shocks and a weather-resistant lid seal
  • It comes with a tray of five pockets for storing small tools
  • It has a powder coating finish to protect it against scratches
  • RSL lamination to make it corrosion-resistant


  • It often gets scratched during packaging

UWS EC10302 Heavy-Wall Aluminum Angled Truck Storage Tool Box

The last toolbox for Toyota Tacoma that we will consider is UWS EC10302 Heavy-Wall Aluminum Angled Truck Tool Box. The truck toolbox is made with aluminum material and employs RigidCore Technology to strengthen it and make its walls strong.
The exterior part of the storage box is also finished with solid foam coating to make it durable and offer resistance to corrosion and scratches. This feature makes it possible for the toolbox to be able to withstand heavy loads.

Like other products from the manufacturer, you can view UWS EC10302 Heavy-Wall Aluminum Angled Truck Tool Box from the rear window of your truck. More so, this truck toolbox is versatile and can perfectly fit trucks of different bed sizes. Installation is easy. Hence you can conveniently transfer the toolbox from one truck to another.

The paddle handle is made of stainless steel and can extend to make it more convenient. The material also guarantees durability. It is important to mention the capacity of this truck box for holding your tools as it has a tray I can use to store and organize objects like bolts, nuts, pliers, and wrenches. It also has unique holders for screwdrivers.

Although UWS EC10302 Heavy-Wall Aluminum Angled Truck Tool Box has a lock system for keeping tools safe, the lock is flimsy, and a truck toolbox of its standard suppose to have better safety.


  • It is made with a durable and thick aluminum material
  • There is a tray for storing small tools and screwdriver holders
  • Easy installation and can easily fit different truck bed sizes
  • You can view the truck toolbox from the rear window
  • Finished with solid foam coating and can withstand heavy loading
  • Uses RigidCore technology to provide more strength and durability
  • It has enough space for storing tools 
  • Handle made with stainless steel and can be spread for better reach


  • The lock system needs improvement

What Are the Types of Toolboxes for Tacoma?

There are different types of toolboxes for Tacoma. The main difference is the way of installation. Other differences between toolboxes for Tacoma include the material used for the construction, the design, and the storage capacity. The major types of toolboxes for Tacoma include the following:

Side Mount Tool Box – As the name suggests, side-mount toolboxes are installed at the sides of the Tacoma truck. They typically run along the length of the vehicle but do not touch the vehicle floor. 

It is convenient for people who constantly run to their toolboxes for tools. The location means they can be easily accessed while standing beside the truck. It also prevents them from blocking views through the rear window.

Crossover Tool Box – These are usually spacious toolboxes designed for storing large work gears or tools. They are typically installed on the bed at the back of the cab and supported by the side panel. They are usually rectangular and can generally provide access from outside the truck.

Wheel Well – Also called pork chop boxes, wheel well toolboxes are a kind of toolboxes for Tacoma installed at the driver’s side. They are typically tall and narrow. One side of this toolbox is fitted to a wheel well, and the opposite side stays behind it. With this arrangement, the truck bed will be free, and you can use it for other purposes.

Chest Toolbox – Chest toolboxes for Tacoma are usually big and spacious. They are suitable for holding large gear and ideal for trucks with large covers. 

This kind of toolbox for Tacoma can be installed on the bulkhead of the cab, placing it on the truck’s floor. The installation is done so that it does not obscure the driver’s vision of the rear window.

Where to Get the Best Tool Box for Tacoma

Like any other type of toolboxes, the best place to buy a toolbox for Tacoma is from online marketplaces or a reputable brick and mortar shop like your local home depot store.

Although anyone can buy from physical stores, buying online will allow a more comprehensive comparison. However, when purchasing from an online retailer, make sure to buy only from a reliable store. Otherwise, go to a brick-and-mortar store nearest to you. Among the most popular marketplaces where you can buy a toolbox for Tacoma online are eBay and Amazon.

Buying Guide For Tacoma Storage Tool Box

If you have decided to buy a toolbox for Tacoma, there are some critical factors to consider. These include the following:

Storage Capacity– Toolboxes are for storing tools and gears. Therefore, the storage capacity of a toolbox that will work well for you will depend on the kind of tools and gear you constantly use.

If you like to keep other equipment apart from tools in your truck storage box, it will mean you will need a toolbox with even more space. People keep fishing gear and sports gear in their truck toolboxes, but the toolbox must have sufficient space. Therefore, consider the storage capacity before buying a toolbox for Tacoma.

Quality– There are different materials used for constructing toolboxes for Tacoma. The material and the design will determine the quality of the toolbox. Before buying a toolbox for your Toyota Tacoma, make sure to consider its quality. A durable toolbox will mean you won’t need to be searching for another toolbox anytime soon.

Ease of Installation– You don’t have to be a professional before installing a toolbox in your Toyota Tacoma. If it is difficult to install, then consider buying another one. You can install the best toolbox for Tacoma within ten to fifteen minutes.

Type – There are different types of toolboxes for Tacoma. The most common ones are the chest, Wheel Well, Side mount, and crossover toolboxes.

 Each one has its unique features, and you must consider these features and choose the type that best fits your needs.

Convenience – You must consider how easy it is to access your toolbox, how the lid opens and close, and other features relating to the ease of use.

Safety– It is also important to consider the locking system of the toolbox. The security of your tools is an important factor, and you must not joke about it. Only buy a toolbox that has a reliable locking system.

Other Factors– Other factors to consider are the resistance to corrosion, weather, and scratches. How efficient is the toolbox under different conditions? Can you use the box in harsh weather, during raining season, or in a moist environment? 

Also, check if the lid has a good seal to prevent dust or moisture from the environment from getting to your tools.

Price– The last but not the least factor to consider is the price. Before buying anything at all, it is always good to compare the prices of different products and choose the one that gives the best value for your money.

Care, Maintenance & Storage Tips

It is essential to keep your truck toolbox clean always. You can do a deep cleaning once a month and necessary. To clean your toolbox, first, remove all tools from it. Then you can dust all dirt with a dry cloth and then use a cloth soaked in a soap solution to clean oil and stains. It is also necessary to lubricate sliding trays once every two months.


Why do I need a toolbox for Tacoma?

Installing a toolbox in your Toyota Tacoma will help you get all your tools in one place and well organized. With that, you can easily access your devices. 

Furthermore, it will also make it easy to transport your tools from one place to another, usually from your workshop or home to your job site. A truck toolbox also helps keep your tools and work gear safe, as they typically have an excellent locking system.

The toolbox can serve as storage for your other gear like fishing gear, sports equipment, camping gear, and drinks. Also, installing a toolbox in your truck will increase the selling value of your vehicle anytime you decide to sell it. 

How much does a toolbox for Tacoma cost?

The price of toolboxes for Tacoma varies. It depends mainly on the quality, features, and brand; it is advisable to compare prices before buying one. You can click on the links on our recommended toolboxes for Tacoma to check their prices on amazon.

How can I install a toolbox in my Favorite Tacoma?

Installation of many toolboxes for Tacoma is easy. The installation guide usually comes with the toolbox, and it is as easy as following the steps directed by the manufacturer.

Where can I buy the best toolbox for Tacoma?

You can buy the best high-quality toolbox from a physical store near you or order online. Online marketplaces have them abundantly; hence price comparison will be easier. However, make sure to only deal with reliable websites.

What are the factors to consider when buying a toolbox for Tacoma?

Before buying a toolbox for your Tacoma truck, the main factors to consider are the storage capacity, quality and design, durability, ease of installation and use, resistance to the weather, moisture, corrosion, and scratches, and the price.


There are many benefits to installing a toolbox in your Tacoma. It will help you keep and organize all your tools in one place, protect them from harsh environmental conditions, and increase your vehicle’s value. 

However, it would be best if you bought the correct type. To ensure you choose the best toolbox for Tacoma, we reviewed the basic features of our top ten toolboxes for Tacoma. We also provided a buying guide and a guide on cleaning and maintenance of truck toolboxes. We believe this review and buyers’ guide must have given you a better knowledge of truck toolboxes. We also believe that it will guide you to mark the right choice when buying a toolbox for your truck.

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