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The Best-Rated Storage Tool Backpacks( Top Reviews & Buying Guides)2021 List

by Bart Aghimien
Storage Tool Backpacks

Suppose you are an electrician, a cable repairer, a mechanic, a construction worker, or any similar profession; you will always need many tools to carry out your duty effectively. Without any doubt, you cannot keep those tools in your hands while you work. That is why having a backpack for storing tools is a good investment.

A tool backpack will be handy for organizing and storing your tools properly and making it easy for you to carry them from one place to another. Some tool backpacks also have compartments for laptops and tablets. Hence, if you need to take this device to work, having a storage tool backpack that can accommodate it will be advantageous.

However, if this is your first time purchasing a tool storage backpack, it may be challenging to decide which one is best for your work needs. There are so many tool backpacks in the market today, and it is impossible to pick one as the best since individual workers have different needs. 

But with a proper review, you can know if a backpack will be the right fit for you or not. That is why we have decided to review the top tool backpacks and hope it will guide you in choosing the best tool backpack for your professional work needs.

This Dewalt DGL523 tool backpack is ideal for different professional needs. I love this tool backpack for its versatility, as it comes in handy for use by technicians, electricians, and construction workers. This model comes with 57 pockets comprising 48 interior pockets and nine exterior pockets. Indeed, that is enough to store most of the tools used by technicians and other tradespeople.

You will also love the design and beauty of the tool backpack. It is made of black fabrics and decorated in black and yellow to appeal to the eyes. 

The tool backpack also features an adjustable LED light integrated into it, which allows you to work in poorly lit areas or complete intricate projects.

Furthermore, you can adjust the LED light to provide three different brightness levels. Rigid in structure, Dewalt DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack is comfortable to carry. Water-resistant with a back padding and a padded bottom for comfort and ease of use. It effectively and evenly distributes its content’s weight for a positive work experience and reduces worker fatigue.

But I am not particularly satisfied with the shoulder strap of this tool backpack. When you compare it with those of other tool storage backpacks, you will discover that it is less durable.


  • It is spacious enough to store all vital tools used by a professional worker.
  • It has a versatile application and has a padded bottom and back for comfort
  • It is water-resistant and highly durable
  • The presence of adjustable LED light makes it useful in dim light
  • It comes with 57 pockets and distributes load evenly
  • Made with a high-quality material


  • The shoulder strap is not durable

Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Technician Backpack Original

Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Technician Backpack comes with 58 pockets of varying sizes, making it perfect for technicians, construction workers, and HVAC workers. The design of the backpack has a unique center panel patent that makes the storage bag stable. 

The base is 3mm thick, constructed with polypropylene material for toughness, strength, and durability. You can put a sharp object in the bag without any concern about damaging the bag.

A metal hasp grants easy access to the storage bay in the back, and the backpack also has padding on the back, which makes it comfortable to wear. The straps are adjustable; hence you can adjust them to fit, making it even more comfortable.

I find it fascinating that this backpack is waterproof; hence, you can use it even when it is raining without being afraid of moisture damaging your tools. However, this storage tool backpack is expensive, and not many people can afford it.


  • Made with a waterproof material and have as enough space for storing all vital tools
  • It has padding for your shoulders and back for comfort, and a patented center panel holds storage units
  • Versatile design with adjustable straps to make it fit all users 
  • Thick base made with polypropylene material 
  • It comes with 58 pockets and is used by technicians, construction workers, and HVAC workers
  • Metal hasp grants easy access to the stored tools


  • It is expensive

Milwaukee 1680 Denier 35 Pockets Jobsite Backpack

Online reviews are raving about the Milwaukee 1680 Diner 35 pocket Jobsite backpack laptop compartment. Therefore, if you usually take your laptop to work, you can easily carry your laptop with this backpack and bring all other tools with you. Apart from the laptop compartment, it also has 22 additional spacious pockets to hold and organize all vital tools.

I also love the fabric’s color as it combines black and red colors to give a beautiful appearance. The tool backpack is highly durable, and it has a rugged construction due to the high-quality ballistic fabric that the manufacturer used.

The base is coated with plastic which is water-resistance. For comfort, the Milwaukee 1680 Denier35 pocket Jobsite Backpack original has soft padding, and you can adjust its straps to fit. The backpack also features a sewn chest strap for an even balance. More importantly, the tool backpack is very affordable. The only problem I have with this backpack is that some pockets stretch extensively.


  • Made with 1680 durable ballistic fabrics, and water-resistant material
  • It comes with a compartment for your laptop and 22 pockets for storing tools
  • Coated water-resistant plastic bottom and it is highly affordable
  • It has enough space for organizing and storing 
  • all essential tools used by a technician
  • It has adjustable straps to fit users of all body sizes
  • The sewn chest trap balances the weight evenly


  • Some pockets stretch extensively

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Electrician Tool Backpack

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Electrician Tool Backpack is designed from a reinforced 1680D ballistic weave, and all stress points have double stitching. Hence, it is durable and rugged.

The design is compact and looks beautiful, making anyone who owns it be proud. But apart from the beauty, the orange color of the inner part is noticeable, making it easy to see the tools kept in it.

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Electrician Tool Backpack comes with 39 pockets of varying sizes. 

Even though it may not be highly spacious, it has enough space for the essential tools. Hence it is a valuable asset for technicians as there are enough pockets for storing their tools.

While the main compartment construction supports larger devices and work tools, several pockets hold smaller items. Also, many pockets have zippers to protect their contents adequately. The backpack also has an exterior hardened pocket that you can use to store glasses or your safety goggles.

I also love the padding of this product as it makes carrying it comfortable. Both the handle and straps are well padded. Hence whichever way you choose to take it will be comfortable and satisfying. 

The bottom is made of a hard molded material that is water-resistant. This feature helps to prevent moisture from attacking your tools and supports a heavy load. 

Another great feature is that this backpack is budget-friendly. However, this backpack has some complaints from users. Some people feel it is too small for all their tools while some complained about its weight.


  • It has 39 pockets for organizing and storing tools
  • Made from reinforced 1680D ballistic weave durable material
  • It is affordable, and some pockets have double zippers
  • Inner part features bright color for high visibility
  • All stress points have double stitching for reinforced strength
  • Straps and handle are padded to make it comfortable to carry
  • It has a hardened pocket for storing safety goggles and glasses
  • Bottom lined with water-resistance molded material


  • Not spacious enough
  • It is heavy

Rugged Tools 40 pocket Pro Tool Backpack

Rugged 40 pocket Tools Pro Tool Storage Backpack is another backpack that is worth the recommendation. It is highly durable and can withstand a heavy load. The tool storage backpack is produced from 1680 Diner polyester material, making it solid and rigid, while the zippers provided reinforced security for your tools.

 It is important to mention that this tool storage backpack is budget-friendly. It is ideal for all craftsmen, including electricians, cable repairers, and plumbers. Construction workers will also find this backpack highly useful.

The backpack has 28 pockets of varying sizes, with a spacious compartment to hold all essential tools. The variation in the pockets’ size also means there will always be a pocket that will fit any particular device or tool. Hence you can use it to store small and big tools like cordless drills and power tools.

This backpack’s interior section has a bright orange color that makes it easy to see small tools and parts, even in a dimly lit environment. Hence, if you are in a dark place, you don’t have to struggle to identify your tools.

If you have to carry a backpack from one place to another to carry out your daily task, you will appreciate the need for comfort. Luckily, the Rugged Tools 40 pocket Pro Tool Storage Backpack is comfortable to carry and has adjustable straps. Therefore, you can adjust until you are satisfied. The bottom molded feature helps prevent environmental hazards, making it an excellent option for merchants that go from place to place.

While using this backpack, the major problem is that the load is not always evenly distributed, and the zippers are also tricky to close when the storage tool backpack is full.


  • Spacious enough for organizing and storing all essential tools
  • Made from highly durable 1680 Diner polyester, robust, rugged, and wear-resistant material
  • It is comfortable to wear and carry around with a bright orange interior to enhance visibility
  • It is affordable and ideal for tradesmen
  • The molded bottom offers protection to the tools 
  • Straps are adjustable and have 28 pockets for storing different types of tools


  • The load sometimes fails to balance properly
  • Zippers are challenging to close when the backpack is at max capacity

Custom LeatherCrafts 1132-75 pocket Tool Backpack

Just by looking at the Custom LeatherCrafts 1132-75 pocket Tool Storage Backpack, you won’t believe it has 75 pockets, but this is what the backpack offers. This small and compact backpack comes with an impressive 75 pockets compartment for organizing and storing tools. With this, no artisan will have an excuse for space to store his tools. 

The pockets are of different sizes. As there are small pockets for small devices, there are more oversized pockets for storing bulky tools.

There are also pockets for wrenches, rackets, and sockets. The backpack also has a plastic part tray designed for small parts.

Constructed from a solid ballistic polyester fabric, Custom LeatherCrafts 1132-75 pocket Tool Storage Backpack is rugged, durable, and strong. It ensures its contents are kept safe with the hook and loop flap closure design.

The comfort of the Custom LeatherCrafts 1132-75 pocket Tool storage Backpack is well-padded and adjustable. Hence you can adjust it until it has a perfect fit. It also has a reinforced plated back to reduce drag.

But as much as the manufacturer tries to make the pockets big enough to hold extensive tools, there is a limit to achieving this with 75 pockets. Hence you may find it challenging to find a perfect pocket for some essential tools.


  • There are enough pockets for storing tools
  • Made from ballistic solid polyester fabric
  • It is reliable and durable
  • Plated back reduces drag, and straps are adjustable
  • It is comfortable to carry, and contents are perfectly secure
  • It features a flip and flap design to keep contents safe
  • Plastic parts tray for storing small tools


  • There are not enough big pockets

Carhartt Legacy standard Tool Backpack

Made with 100 percent polyester, Carhartt Legacy standard Tool Storage Backpack is another rugged, robust, and reliable backpack you should consider as a craftsman. 

This backpack also has another significant advantage. It has a space for a laptop. Hence, this is an ideal bag for you if you usually work with your personal computer. If you use a tablet and not a laptop, you can equally use the space for it. Aside from the laptop space, the backpack also has room for your small items. It has zippers and is ideal for the storage and organization of smaller items.

Carhartt Legacy standard Tool Backpack is comfortable to wear. The back panel is padded with air mesh to promote breathability. Also, the straps are adjustable so that you can adjust the level that makes you most comfortable. 

The bottom part of this tool storage backpack is constructed with a feature to help the bag stay upright when empty or filled with work tools. The storage gear backpack has good resistance to moisture and abrasion.

This model of backpack falls short of having enough storage space for tools only for laptops.


  • You can use it to carry a laptop or tablet to work
  • Made from durable 100 percent polyester material
  • Air-mesh provides ventilation and breathability, making it comfortable to carry 
  • High resistance to moisture and abrasion
  • Well-padded back panel and easy to adjust straps for comfort
  • Rubber bottom to help the backpack stand on the ground


  • Does not have enough space for storing all your essential tools

Revco Industries GB100 BSX Extreme Tool & Gear Backpack

If you are a construction worker, an electrician, or in any other similar trade, you will love the features of this tool and gear backpack. Revco Industries GB100 BSX Extreme Tool and Gear Backpack have a helmet catch at this front. With this feature, your helmet is secure. 

It has many pockets for organizing and storing tools, including exterior pockets for storing small tools and gloves. The backpack also has a wide exterior pocket for storing grinders and jackets. You can also use it to keep your gloves.

Even though this backpack is durable, the side pockets have further reinforcement to make them more rigid.

You will love the Revco Industries GB100 BSX Extreme Tool and Gear Backpack level of comfort. The straps, back panel, bottom, and all the essential parts are padded. Hence you can carry this backpack for an extended period without much stress.

The only shortcoming of this tool backpack is that the material does not have moisture resistance. Hence you cannot use it under wet conditions or in a damp environment.


  • Made from a durable, strong, and rugged material
  • Has enough space for organizing and storing all vital tools
  • Comfortable to carry with good padding in all crucial parts
  • It features helmet catch protection and reinforced exterior pockets
  • It has an oversized exterior pocket specially designed for storing extensive items like a grinder and a jacket
  • It has enough interior and exterior pockets


  • It is not water-resistant

AmazonBasics 50 Pocket Tool Backpack

AmazonBasics 50 Pocket Tool Backpack is made with 1680D polyester material, and the inner part of the backpack has a 600 deniers coating. It has a reflective strip that makes it a high visibility backpack which is important during an emergency. 

The interior is bright orange which also offers good visibility. Therefore you won’t have any problem identifying your tools in a dimly lit environment.

The backpack comes in four different styles to serve all workers irrespective of the number of tools workers are using. 

Hence, there is a model with only 23 pockets, 51 pockets, and as many as 75 pockets. Therefore, you can pick the model that best suits your line of work.

There are two zippered compartments designed for storing extensive items like batteries and cordless tools. You have two choices when it comes to carrying this backpack. You can strap them on your body or carry them in your hand with the handle.

Luckily, both options are comfortable, and you only need to decide which one you prefer. The shoulder and chest straps are well-padded, and you can adjust them to fit. That makes them comfortable to use. Also, the handle is made of rubber which is equally easy to carry.


  • Versatile design and style for your storage and organizing needs
  • Comfortable, adjustable, and well-padded strap for the body or hand 
  • It features a reflective strip to make it highly visible from a long distance
  • The interior is bright orange to enhance good visibility
  • It has zippered compartments for storing bid tools


  • It is not durable enough
  • Not ideal for use in a narrow space

IRELAND Electricians Tool Bag Backpack

The last tool backpack that we are going to consider is the IRONLAND Electricians Tool storage Backpack. Although designed for electricians, this is a versatile backpack for other professionals like HVAC workers, cable repairers, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, painters, construction workers, and anyone in a similar profession.

IRELAND Electricians Tool Bag Backpack BP-001 is made from 600D polyester material, which is water-resistant, meaning that you can safely use the tool backpack in wet environments, including during rain, in mud, or snow. 

The backpack is also breathable. Hence it provides enough ventilation and is ideal for use when working under hot weather conditions.

I am also pleased with the number of pockets. This tool backpack comes with 51 pockets which are enough for electricians to keep all their vital tools. These pockets are of varying sizes, and hence, there are pockets for both small and hefty tools. The backpack also has an additional bag with 40 holders as an option, and this extra holder serves as storage when working in small spaces like between walls.

You will love the softback padding of this tool backpack. It makes it comfortable to wear. Hence you can strap it onto your body for an extended time without feeling the weight. It is also important to mention that the backpack is affordable due to the low-cost material used for constructing it. 


  • It has enough space to hold and organize all vital tools
  • Made from 600D polyester material
  • It comes with an extra bag for working in a small area
  • Highly breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear
  • It is affordable, versatile, and Well ventilated
  • This design provides good resistance to moisture


  • It does not last long
  • Not good enough for big tools

What are Storage Tool Backpacks?

A tool storage backpack is a bag used for organizing and storing tools and is designed to be carried on the shoulders or handheld. They are similar to the conventional tool bags except that they are carried over the shoulders, distributing weight evenly across the body. This feature provides more comfort and prevents putting stress on one side of the body. 


Workers with mild back pain can still carry these tool backpacks more conveniently than taking the traditional tool bag; Backpacks distribute weights evenly on the body and accommodate the same amount of work tools and devices as the conventional tool bag. They are generally easier to carry on your daily commute.

How to Use a Storage Tool Backpack?

Tool storage backpacks have many compartments and pockets for organizing and storing tools. The materials used in making them are strong, tough, and rugged. They can withstand heavyweight and have sturdy shoulder and chest straps for strapping the backpacks to the body. Some also have hip straps.

The straps are usually well padded to make the backpack comfortable for extended use. They are also adjustable; hence you can adjust to fit and ensure the tool backpack balance.

What are the Main Types of Storage Tool Backpacks?

There are two significant tool backpacks. They are the heavy-duty backpacks and the regular backpacks.

Heavy-duty Storage Tool Backpacks– Heavy-duty tool storage backpacks are designed for workers to keep their tools. These materials can withstand abrasion, punctures, and cuts from those sharp, pointy tools or devices transported. 

They also have straps that are strong and sturdy. The essential parts of the backpacks have reinforced features to offer additional support. Heavy-duty backpacks can withstand heavy loads and have many pockets and compartments for organizing and storing tools.

Regular Style Tool Backpacks– These are backpacks are not traditionally designed for carrying tools. You can use them for transporting camping materials and for general purposes. Although they have storage space for essential tools, they are not strong enough for carrying a lot of tools and heavy loads.

Care, Maintenance & Storage Tips

Tool Backpacks require regular cleaning to make them durable. Before cleaning, make sure to remove all tools from it and soak the backpack in warm water with soap for a few hours. Wash in warm soapy water with a soft-bristled brush.

 After removing all the dirt, rinse it with cold water. Do not wash with detergent. After rinsing, dry outside but not in direct sunlight as sunlight may weaken the material.

When using your tool backpack, make sure you do not put more than the maximum weight specified by the manufacturer. The urge to have all your tools in the backpack can easily tempt you to overload it, but you can destroy your backpack if you put too much load.

Also, be careful when strapping your bag to your body. Before putting it over your shoulders, ensure all the tools are well-positioned and ensure to zip up the backpack. You may also want to occasionally lubricate the zippers with paraffin wax or by spraying them with silicon.

Where to Buy

You can purchase a tool Storage backpack in physical shops around you, but you can shop for them online to have more options. There are many reputable online marketplaces where you can order the best tool backpacks. Among the most reliable sites to buy from includes are Amazon and eBay.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many tool backpacks in the market. Before you buy a tool storage backpack, it is essential to consider the following factors.

Storage Space– The primary reason for buying a Storage tool backpack is to ensure all your tools are stored and organized in one place. Therefore, you must purchase a backpack that has enough capacity to hold all your tools and devices.

The number of Pockets and Compartments– There must be enough pockets and compartments to store tools of different sizes. Check the number of pockets and compartments before you decide which backpack is the best for you.

Comfort –  When fully loaded, tool storage backpacks are usually heavy. Therefore they must have a cushion that will make them comfortable to carry. The best tool backpacks have padded straps to make them comfortable to wear.

Durability– For a tool storage backpack to be durable, it must be constructed from high-quality materials that can resist rust, water, moisture, and other environmental factors. Also, the design of the tool backpack must be one that can withstand heavy load and abuse for an extended time. Some have double stitching, and some have reinforcement in essential stress points. Check all this before buying a tool storage backpack. 

Special Features– You must look for a storage tool backpack with unique features like water resistance, wear resistance, adjustable shoulder and chest straps, and breathability.

Price-  As much as it is good to invest in tool backpacks, it will not be wise enough to pay beyond the backpack’s worth. Therefore, it would help if you compared the different tool backpack prices before deciding on buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a tool Storage backpack?

Everyone that uses a lot of tools regularly will benefit from investing in a tool backpack. Examples of such people are electricians, plumbers, painters, HVAC workers, construction workers, cable repairers, mechanics, and workers in a similar profession.

Where can I get the best tool backpack?

The best place to buy a tool backpack is on an online marketplace like Amazon and eBay. However, you can also buy from brick-and-mortar stores near you.

Why do I need a tool backpack?

A tool backpack will help you to keep all your tools in one place. It means you won’t need to be going to and fro looking for your tools. It will also help you to organize them.

Do tool backpacks have a warranty?

Yes, most tool backpacks come with a warranty. However, this warranty depends on the brand, and it only covers wear and tear and not damage due to your fault. You need to confirm the warranty from the manufacturer before you buy. 


If you are a worker using many tools, you will need a tool backpack to store and organize your tools. However, there are many tool backpacks with different features. To decide on the best backpack for you, you must consider the number of pockets and compartments available, the storage space, the material used to construct the tool backpack, and the price, among other factors.

Supposing you are getting your very first storage tool backpack, it may be challenging to identify a backpack with good features. However, this review of the best tool backpacks discusses our top tool backpacks’ important parts and components. We believe this review will guide your decision-making process on what to buy.

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